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Welcome to the "Category:United States {{{MilBranch}}} Frequencies in {{{State}}}" category. This category:

  • Is a sub-category of:
    • "[[:Category:{{{State}}} Frequencies]]",
    • "[[:Category:United States {{{MilBranch}}} Frequencies]]", and
    • "[[:Category:United States {{{MilBranch}}} in {{{State}}}]]".
  • Lists all the articles for [[:Category:{{{State}}}]] that contain United States {{{MilBranch}}} Frequencies information as submitted by the members.

In general, data in any Wiki article:

  • might not be accurate. Members are encouraged to validate and edit the articles.
  • should be used to supplement the data in our Frequency Database.

The data in the articles listed below:

  • should not be submitted to the data base team until the data have been validated.
    • Please read RR Database Submission Guidelines before submitting validated data to the Frequency Database.
    • Please read Wiki Extensions to learn how to incorporate Database-data into a Wiki page.
    • Please use tables if there are more than a couple lines of data.
      • This enables several applications to capture this data, copy it into Windows clipboard, and from there to your scanner programming software. This helps to avoid a large amount of tedious (and error prone) manual typing and copying. See the Applications that can copy Frequency Data from the Wiki article for more information.

To CATEGORIZE an article into this category, please add the following as the last line in the article:
[[Category:United States {{{MilBranch}}} Frequencies in {{{State}}}]]

Please do NOT edit this page unless you intend to change the Description of this Category. Thank you.

[[Category:{{{State}}} Frequencies]] [[Category:United States {{{MilBranch}}} Frequencies]] [[Category:United States {{{MilBranch}}} in {{{State}}}]]