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|7024||Rhea County?||||No||No
|7024||Rhea County?||||No||No
|8005||Roane County||Roane County Fire Department Ch. 2 ||Yes||Yes
|8024||Roane County?||||No||No
|8024||Roane County?||||No||No

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Unconfirmed and Pending in the database

Talkgroup ID # User Description Confirmed Submitted
1539 TEMA Tennessee State Net Yes
5502 Bradley County Bradley County EMA
5505 Bradley County? No No
5508 Bradley County Bradley County EMS? No No
5510 Bradley County Bradley County Fire-Rescue
5513 Bradley County Bradley County Fire-Rescue Fire Ground 1
5526 Cleveland Cleveland FD No No
7023 Rhea County? No No
7024 Rhea County? No No
8024 Roane County? No No
8025 Roane County? No No
8031 Roane County Rockwood PD Tac Channel No No
8032 Roane County? No No
8033 Roane County Roane County Sheriffs Office Tac Channel No No
8036 Roane County? No No
8038 Roane County? No No
8041 Roane County? No No
8046 Roane County? No No
8060 Roane County Codes Enforcement No No
8061 Roane County Highway Department No No
8502 Roane County? No No
13509 Walker County? No No