Travel Reference (NE) NSRS

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N-WIN is in full operation across Nebraska up to Appx US Hwy 81 from roughly west of Norfolk/Columbus/York areas.

Here is a list and quick links of N-WIN sites across major Nebraska highways within the N-WIN network.

I-80-Wyoming Border to Lincoln, Ne., Including I-76.

1-134, Sidney, 1-136, Ogallala, 1-153, North Platte, 1-145, Cozad, 1-142, Holdrege, 1-156, Pleasanton, 1-159, Giltner, 1-169, Milford, 1-155, Lincoln.

Hwy 20-Wyoming Border to Elgin, Ne., including portions of Hwy 275.

1-904, Harrison, 1-131, Chadron, 1-138, Rushville, 1-151, Merriman, 1-146, Crookston, 1-144, Bassett, 1-162, O'Neill, 1-902, Elgin.

Hwy 6 and Hwy 34-Colorado Border to Holdrege.

1-149, Imperial, 1-148, Hayes Center, 1-150, McCook, 1-143, Beaver City, 1-142, Holdrege.

Hwy 385-Colorado Border to South Dakota Border.

1-134, Sidney, 1-130, Angora, 1-131, Chadron.

Nebraska Hwy 2, Alliance to Dunning, Ne.,

1-132, Mumper, 1-154, Whitman, 1-147, Thedford.

If you are traveling out of Nebraska, here are links to states with statewide trunked radio systems surrounding Nebraska

Colorado DTRS



South Dakota State Radio System