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The UBC3500XLT is a Europe marketed scanner from Uniden. It does not handle trunk tracking or digital modes but is very popular as it features a decent 2500 memory channels organised with Uniden's dynamic allocation architecture.

It leaves a lot of the competition cold because of this feature, but also because CTCSS / DCS decoding is near instant and it features Close Call which is the most major breakthrough in scanner features of the last 20 years.


It can be programmed and driven under virtual control with a PC and the appropriate data cable. [BuTel] make the official Uniden endorsed software for this scanner called ARC3500. As all the dynamic memory scanners feature the same command set, software written for other similar scanners may also work.

Although trunk tracking is not supported by the scanner itself, the radio is steerable by PC and Trunkview has been shown to work with the UBC3500XLT. This allows it to track MPT1327 trunked systems.