Uniden Headphone Jack Modification

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Uniden Headphone Jack Fix

This modification describes a procedure that can be used if you plugged headphones or a speaker into the speaker out on the BCD996T, and you later find out that the audio has gone dead.

NOTE: Performing this modification voids the warranty. This modification will disable the muting of the speaker output when headphones are plugged in.

  1. First remove the black case surround (figure 1)
  2. The internal case around the headphone jack needs to be opened. Remove the highlighted screws on both sides (figure 2)
  3. Then place a bead of solder between the two posts as shown in the red box, these are the #2 and #3 posts when referencing the case as a starting point. (figure 3)

Thanks to canav844 for posting this modification

Other Solutions

  • Soldering on close-connection PCB boards scares the crap out of me.  A far better solution is to follow the two wires to the (#2 and #3 pins of the) J11 on-board connector and insert a jumper wire between between the two wires on the back of the female connector for the J11 pins!  This gives the user the option to remove the jumper wire when they want to use the ear plug, but requires removing the cover to do so.  I just successfully jumpered the J11 connector using a piece of solid core RG-59/RG-6 copper wire and bent it in half forming a "U" using needle noes pliers.  The length of wire is about 3/4" to 1" and the leads on each side of the "U" are about 3/8" to 1/2".  The force of the copper wire expanding on the sides of the plastic connector should be enough to keep the copper jumper wire plugged-in or secured, so only bend enough into a "U" and use the needle noes pliers to compress the sides of the "U"-shapped jumper wire to insert into the back of the J11 connector.  If need be, use black electrical tape, but mine is fitted well.
  • Another idea, solder a switch between the two wires of the J11 connector.
  • And yet another idea, track down the original Uniden part and replace the part yourself, as the solder connections for the ear plug are space further apart then the #2 and #3 pins of the above tip!  When somebody finds the original parts, please publish the part number and supplier.  (ie. Digikey or Mouser electrical parts suppliers)  From what I seen from the variety of users of this forum, it shouldn't be as difficult as it sounds!