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Digital Radios: Since 2008, NASCAR staff have been using digital MOTOTRBO TDMA digital format radios for race control and fire/medical response.

All reports indicate these MOTOTRBO channels are encrypted. Two of the MOTOTRBO frequencies are patched to the old analog channels.

Analog: All but two of the NASCAR officials' channels will be utilizing which can only be monitored by a few scanners, according to the "NASCAR going digital" Radioreference Forum Thread. Still, a few NASCAR officials channels' remain analog, as listed below.

  • NASCAR 1 & 11, Race Control 461.200
  • NASCAR 2 & 12, Race Control B/U 464.600
  • NASCAR 5 & 15, Safety 451.225
  • NASCAR 10 Qualifying 451.575
  • RACE CONTROL 461.200
  • RACE CONTROL B/U 464.6000, 463.625(463.625-DMR, heard at Michigan June 2016)
  • SAFTY/FIRE 451.2250
  • NASCAR Weather 467.8500
Frequency  Input   
Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
461.20000  466.20000   RM  432 DPL  NASCAR-1 NASCAR-1  FM  Business 
464.60000      RM  632 DPL  NASCAR-2 NASCAR-2  FM  Business 
463.62500        NASCAR-3 NASCAR-3  FM  Business 
464.77500        NASCAR-4 NASCAR-4  FM  Business 
451.22500        NASCAR-5 NASCAR-5  FM  Business 
451.27500        NASCAR-6 NASCAR-6  FM  Business 
451.42500        NASCAR-7 NASCAR-7  FM  Business 
451.45000        NASCAR-8 NASCAR-8  FM  Business 
451.57500        NASCAR-9 NASCAR-9  FM  Business 
451.52500        NASCAR-9 NASCAR-9  FM  Business 
461.20000        NASCAR-11 NASCAR-11  FM  Business 
464.60000        NASCAR-12 NASCAR-12  FM  Business 
463.62500        NASCAR-13 NASCAR-13  FM  Business 
451.17500        NASCAR-14 NASCAR-14  FM  Business 
451.22500        NASCAR-16 NASCAR-16  FM  Business 
464.50000        NASCAR-16 NASCAR-16  FM  Business 
  • 451.575 and 451.175 were reported as being used for scoring on this same wiki page in 2006, but it's unknown at this time if those frequencies are now unmonitorable.