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This is a repository for the projects not yet completed by User:W5bff.

SDR to Broadcastify

The idea here is to get a software defined radio (SDR) up and running, decoding P25 broadcast, then piping it through the internet to Broadcastify users.

APRS Digipeater

This is still in the planning phase. I'm looking to do a full digipeater with an iGate to APRSIS. I have a lot left to do on this project, including acquisition of a tower and TNC.

Planned Hardware

Completed Steps

BroadBand-HamNet Node

With the erection of a tower, I plan on deploying a Ubiquiti radio and piping in through to the internet. I hope to generate more interest in this project in my area to build a decent mesh.

Planned advertised services

  • IRC Server
  • Two-way APRS communications from the node (piping the iGate from inside the node should allow this)
  • Field Day logging for the RACC

Here's a good link for tower information: