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Grounding Bulkhead for your scanning station

Please remember that this is only to give people some reference and is not professionally engineered or built, I am not responsible with anything that happens to your house or equipment.


Contact with high voltages from electricity or lightning is deadly. Consult a licensed professional before you design, build, connect to or operate any kind of electrical grounding system or lightning protection scheme. This member assumes no liability for any material or advice presented here, all of which is for purely educational purposes. Here is some great info on grounding, check it out!

Yes, You NEED to bond your electric power entrance ground to your radio station ground. AND you NEED to bond your tower ground to the rest of your ground system. BOND all grounds together! It is a very good idea to add some 8 foot ground rods every 20 or so feet along your bond wire path if running for a long distance.