Volusia County EDACS Radio System Infrastructure

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Volusia County EDACS Radio System Infrastructure

The County’s 800 MHz public safety land mobile radio system (“County 800 MHz system” or “Radio System”) consists of two, integrated six-site Simulcast EDACS trunked systems (System "A" & "B") that utilizes Harris Corporation technology. Both radio systems cover ninety-five percent of Volusia County. The Radio System supports approximately 9,600 portable and mobile radios used by County and city departments, state and local agencies, as well as surrounding mutual aid counties. System usage averages over 1.8 million push-to-talks (PPT) monthly and during special events can increase to over 700,000 PTTs in a day.

The Radio System consists of 12 radio sites using 30 FCC licensed 800 MHz frequencies. The County is adding a thirteenth site using an SR10A P25 equipment configuration to improve coverage in the southwest area of the County. The new site will be multi-sited into the Radio System and be a multi-mode P25 Phase 2 radio site that supports both Phase 1 and Phase 2 radios. The new site is expected to be online in the first quarter calendar quarter of 2017. An Inter RF Subsystem Interface (ISSI) gateway will connect the new site with the existing EDACs system. The County has also deployed a Harris BeOn radio application for iOS and android smartphones in the fourth calendar quarter of 2016. The Radio System uses Harris Farinon and Alcatel microwave equipment and consists of 26 microwave radios that were installed in 1993.

Consolidated public safety dispatching is performed by the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office from a single Public Safety Access Point (PSAP) at the Emergency Operations and Sheriff’s Communications Center (EOSCC) located in Daytona Beach. The dispatch operation utilizes 32 Harris C3 Maestro IP radio consoles, a Tiburon CAD system, and Zetron IP and analog fire alerting equipment. The Maestro EDACS/IP radio consoles are connected to the EDACS Radio System through a Harris Voice, Interoperability, Data and Access Services (VIDA) gateway. The EDACS Radio System is also used as the primary fire alerting system with a five repeater VHF system as a backup. There are 57 conventional stations tied into the VIDA switch through Unified Audio Cards (UAC). Examples of conventional interface includes the VHF law enforcement helicopter channel, fire paging transmitters, county school system repeaters, and Regional Mutual Aid repeaters.

The County also has a 5-channel Event EDACS system, which is used for special events such as Bike Week and the NASCAR races. The 911 telephone system located in the EOSCC is an Intrado Viper Positron system. The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office backup dispatch facility uses Harris VIP radio consoles. The Radio System provides interoperability using 800 MHz Regional Mutual Aid frequencies with the State of Florida Law Enforcement Radio System (SLERS) and neighboring counties in Florida Region 5 including Seminole, Lake and Brevard counties.

Source: February 2017 county posting for a 800 MHz Radio System Consultant

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