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         ER-391, ETA-393, B-393
         ER-391, ETA-393, B-393
41      Middle Granville (Penrayn Hose)
41      Middle Granville (Penrhyn Engine & Hose)
         E-411, E-412, TA-413, E-415
         E-411, ER-412, TA-413, E-415
42      North Granville
42      North Granville

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Fire apparatus have 3-digit numbers consisting of the 2-digit department 
number and unit sequential number.
1      Coordinator                    991     Director of Public Safety
2-4    Deputy Coordinators            992     Deputy Director of Public Safety
6-8    Fire Instructors               901-904 Communications Supervisors
11     Fire Investigator              905-920 Communications Officers
12     Fire Investigator
13     Senior Investigator            HazMat 1   Haz-Mat Coordinator
14     Senior Investigator            HazMat 2-5 Haz-Mat Deputy Coordinators
15     Fire Investigator
16     Fire Investigator
CR-1    Emergency Response (Cascade, etc.)
Field Comm. Mobile Field Communications/Command Post
Fire Apparatus Classifications
ATTACK Firefighting Vehicle With Less Than 750 G.P.M. Pump or 500 Gallon Tank
BRUSH 4-Wheel Drive Used Primarily For Grass and Brush Fires
CAR Radio Identifier For Department and County Officials (vehicles)
ENGINE MINIMUM 750 G.P.M. Pump and 500 Gallon Tank
ENGINE-RESCUE (ER) Engine or ETA Classification WITH Hydraulic Rescue Tools
ENGINE-TANKER (ETA) MINIMUM 1000 G.P.M. Pump AND 1000 Gallon Tank WITH Quick Dump
FIRST RESPONSE (FR) Used Primarily For First Response Calls
LADDER Two or More Telescoping Ladder Sections
RESCUE Used Primarily For Rescue WITH Hydraulic Tools
SUPPLY Used Mainly As A Hose Carrier or Reel Truck
TANKER (TA) MINIMUM 1000 Gallon Tank WITH Quick Dump
TOWER Two or More Telescoping/Articulating Sections WITH Passenger Carrying Platform
UTILITY Carrier for Various Tools and Supplies

21      Argyle (J.A. Barkley Hose) KWE-526
        ETA-211, ETA-212, E-213, B-214, R-215, L-???
22      Cambridge KYK-554
        ETA-221, ETA-222, ATTACK 223, SUPPLY 224, R-225 (HEAVY)
23      Cossayuna
        ATTACK 231, ETA-232, E-234
24      Dresden
        E-241, TA-242, TA-243, ATTACK 244, ATTACK 245, E-246
25      Easton
        E-251, ETA-252, ETA-253, TA-254, B-255
26      Fort Ann KTK-635
        ER-261, ETA-262, ATTACK 263
27      Fort Edward KUO-904
        ER-271, E-272, ETA-273 (FT MILLER STATION), ER-274, TA-275
28      Granville Town (Henry Hose Co.)
        ETA-281, ETA-282
29      Granville Village (H&L, Norton Hose)
        ETA-291, L-292, R-293
31      Great Meadow CF
        E-311, B-312
32      Greenwich KUV-586
        ER-321, E-322, E-323, L-324, FR-325, B-326
33      Hampton
        ETA-331, ATTACK 332, TA-333
34      Hartford KNDZ-311
        ER-341, ETA-342, TA-343, TA-344, B-355, UTILITY 346
35      Hebron
        ETA-351, ETA-352, TA-353, SUPPLY 354, SUPPLY 355, B-356
36      Hudson Falls KVV-969
        E-361 (RESERVE), E-362, TOWER 363, RESCUE 364 (HEAVY)
37      Huletts Landing
        E-371, ATTACK 372
38      Kingsbury KTH-440
        E-381, ER-382, TOWER 383, TA-384, ER385 (STA. #2)
39      Middle Falls
        ER-391, ETA-393, B-393
41      Middle Granville (Penrhyn Engine & Hose)
        E-411, ER-412, TA-413, E-415
42      North Granville
        E-421, ETA-422, TA-423, ATTACK 424, E-425
43      Putnam
        A-431, ETA-432, ETA-443, TA-434, FR-436
44      Salem
        ATTACK 441, ETA-442, ETA-443, R-444
45      Shushan
        ETA-451, ETA-452, B-4453, U-454
46      West Fort Ann
        E-461, ETA-462, ATTACK 464, R-464
47      White Creek
        E-471, ETA-472, TA-473
48      Whitehall Town
        ER-482, ETA-483, TA-484, U-485, B-486, R-487
49      Whitehall Village (Skenesborough)
        L-491, L-492, R-494
51      Dorset (Bennington, VT)
        ETA-511, ETA-512, ETA-513, TA-514, B-515, UTILITY 516
52      Fair Haven (Rutland, VT)
        ETA-521, ETA-522, B-523, A-524
53      Middletown Springs (Rutland, VT)
        ETA-531, ETA-532, R-534  
54      Pawlet (Rutland, VT)
        ETA-541, ETA-542, B-544
55      Poultney (Rutland, VT)
E-551, ETA-552, ETA-553, SUPPLY 554, UTILITY 555, R-556 (FORMER EMS UNIT 5531)
56      Rupert (Bennington, VT)
        ETA-562, ETA-563, U-564, B-565 
57      Wells (Rutland, VT)
        ER-571, ETA-572, R-573, B-574
58      West Pawlet (Rutland, VT)
        ETA-581, ETA-582, TA-583, B-584
59      East Dorset (Bennington, VT)
        ETA-591, ETA-592, E-593, B-594, R-595
71      Bay Ridge (Warren)
73      Buskirk (Rensselaer)
86      South Glens Falls (Saratoga)
87      South Queensbury (Warren)

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