Wayne County (MO)

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Wayne County Government

Wayne County Sheriff

  • Future use (may be in use now): 151.2875 Repeater with 156.105 input (NFM at Wappello, Piedmont) WQME868 WQPB775

Wayne County Volunteer Fire Protection District 1

East Wayne County Ambulance District

  • Serves 500 square miles, 13000 people in a mostly remote area.

Rural Metro Ambulance

  • 453.100 WPZA316 F RuralMetro EMS EMS: Dispatch (Piedmont) [Cancelled 8/13] FMN Deprecated 4/25/24

Poplar Bluff Regional Medical Center; formerly Three Rivers Health Care Ambulance

Municipalities and Districts



Clearwater Fire Protection District




Clearwater R1 School District (Piedmont)

  • 3/24 Moving from VHF to UHF: New 451.9 Repeater; delete 152.35R/157.62 (NFM) WQKF705


  • Duncan Ready Mix Concrete - 460.075 Repeater (Piedmont) WNJN260

Attractions and Recreation

Eagle Sky of the Ozarks (Christian Resort/Conference Center in Patterson)

  • 451.35 Repeater, mobiles on 463.3, 451.45, 451.5, 462.0, 462.35 (50-4wt mobiles; NFM) WQCB261

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