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#REDIRECT [[Wethersfield]]
|Owner    = Wethersfield
|CityLabel = Town
|City      = Wethersfield
|County    = [[Hartford County (CT)|Hartford]]
|State    = [[Connecticut (US)|Connecticut]]
|Band      = 800 [[MHz]]
| <!-- using parameter "SysType"'s default value -->
|SysID    = 00A
|WACN      = 924CA
|NAC      = 00A
|Callsigns = {{Callsign|WPLY874}}, {{Callsign|WQTZ311}}
|sid      = 8163
|state    = connecticut
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**Please add your unidentified talkgroups here along with notes about traffic heard and the sites the talkgroups were monitored on. Only confirmed talkgroups are added into the database.
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