Williamson County User ID Ranges

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201xxx WC Franklin PD
202xxx WC Franklin FD
208xxx WC Franklin Service / Cool Springs Mall Security
210xxx WC Brentwood PD
212xxx WC Brentwood PD?
213xxx WC Brentwood FD
215xxx WC Brentwood FD/ECC?
216xxx WC Brentwood Service?
217xxx WC Brentwood Service?
222xxx WC Sheriff's Office
223xxx WC County FD
225xxx WC EMA / ECC / Interop Link Radios / County FD Stations
226xxx WC EMA?
229xxx WC County EMS Medics (5xx)
230xxx WC County EMS Stations
240xxx WC Spring Hill PD
243xxx WC Spring Hill FD
250xxx WC Nolensville PD (where is FD?)
260xxx WC Fairview PD
263xxx WC Fairview FD
282xxx WC Radio Consoles (Williamson) WC-ECOM/ECC/PSAP
	2821xx Williamson/Franklin Dispatchers
	2822xx Brentwood Dispatchers
299xxx WC Radio Test (Motorola?)

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