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Codes/Units/Station Lists

Wood County Law Enforcement IDs

  • Holly Lake Security uses occasional voice inversion encryption
  • Mineola Police uses occasional rolling code voice inversion encryption
Unit ID
Alba Police Department
Quitman Police Department
Wood County Sheriff Department
Wood County S/O Animal Control Deputy
Mineola Police Department
Mineola Animal Control Officer
Hawkins Police Department
Winnsboro ISD officer
Holly Lake Security
Precinct 1 Constable
Precinct 2 Constable
Precinct 3 Constable
Precinct 4 Constable
Winnsboro Police Department
Texas DPS Highway Patrol
Texas DPS Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Troopers
Texas Parks & Wildlife Game Wardens

Wood County Sheriff Dispatch Info

  • Digital Dispatch: Wood County Sheriff, Alba PD, Quitman PD, Hawkins PD, DPS Troopers, Parks & Wildlife Game Wardens, and Wood County Constables
  • Analog Dispatch: Wreckers and all county fire departments use this channel & S/O Back-up channel
  • Channels can be patched together during incidents.

Wood County EMS IDs

East Texas Medical Center

  • You MUST have a digital scanner capable of scanning P25 Phase I systems to be able to listen to this system
  • Provides EMS coverage to west half of county to cities of Mineola, Quitman, Yantis, and Alba with 2 MICUs
  • Dispatched on TxWARN P25 TRS
    • 922- Mineola Unit
    • 923- Quitman Unit
      • (these are primary units but others could post)

Champion EMS

  • Provides EMS coverage to east half of county to cities of Coke/Pleasant Grove, Winnsboro, Ogburn, Perryville, and Hawkins/Holly Lake areas with 4 MICUs & 1 Helicopter
  • Dispatched on DFW Communications LTR system
    • Medic 21- Winnsboro Unit (Winnsboro units stationed beside Winnsboro Fire Dept. staffed 24/7)
    • Medic 22- Winnsboro Unit (Medic 22 is part time unit 7 days a week from 8 AM to 8 PM)
    • Flight For Life 2 based at Trinity Mother Frances Hospital in Winnsboro and serves a 150 mile radius around Winnsboro.
    • Medic 20- Hawkins Unit (stationed at Hawkins Fire Dept. Staffed 24/7)
    • Medic 23- Holly Lake Unit (stationed at Holly Lake Fire Dept. Staffed 24/7)
  • These are primary units but others could post.
  • Champion is the secondary to ETMC for Alba and Yantis with Medic 16 based out of Emory in Rains County. A Winnsboro unit would be next closest for Yantis if Medic 16 is not available.

Wood County Fire IDs

  • Wood County Sheriff Department provides dispatching for most VFD's in Wood County with the exception of Winnsboro & Mineola (which are each dispatched by local PD's).
  • Firefighters are issued an alpha numeric pager so most departments don't do tone outs except Mineola, Quitman, and Hainesville VFD.

Winnsboro Volunteer Fire Dept.

  • 851-899 Dispatched by Winnsboro PD on Winnsboro Fire primary channel.
  • 875 Fire Chief
  • 851-889 Firefighters
  • Fire Units
    • 890
    • 891 Dozer Unit
    • 892 Tanker
    • 893 Large Brush Truck
    • 894 Brush Truck
    • 895 Brush Truck
    • 896
    • 897 Engine
    • 899 Engine
    • Mobile Command

Holly Lake Volunteer Fire Dept.

  • 800-850 Dispatched by Wood County. Checks in with S/O on Wood County S/O Primary then switches back over to Holly Lake Fire Channel. DTMF is used to unlock squelch on radios to voice page personnel.
  • Fire Units
    • 840 Tanker
    • 841 Tanker
    • 842 Rescue Vehicle
    • 843 Support Vehicle
    • 844 Brush Truck
    • 845 Engine
    • 847 Brush Truck
    • 848 Tanker
    • 849 Engine

Ogburn Volunteer Fire Dept.

  • 680-694 Dispatched by Wood County. Checks in with S/O on Wood County S/O Primary then switches back over to Ogburn Fire Channel.

Yantis Volunteer Fire Dept.

  • 600-626 Dispatched by Wood County. Checks in with S/O on Wood County S/O Primary then switches back over to Yantis Fire Channel.

Coke/Pleasant Grove Volunteer Fire Dept.

  • 750-765 Dispatched by Wood County. Checks in with S/O on Wood County S/O Primary then switches back over to Coke/Pleasant Grove Fire Channel.
  • Fire Units
    • 761 1996 International 4700 Engine
    • 762 1980 Ford Cab-over engine
    • 763 F350 Brush Truck
    • 764 F450 Brush Truck

Lands End Volunteer Fire Dept.

  • 991-999 Dispatched by Wood County. They are dispatched out with Yantis so they are often found on Yantis Fire Channel.

Quitman Volunteer Fire Dept.

  • 500-531 Dispatched by Wood County. Toned out on Quitman Fire primary and checks in with Wood County S/O on County Fire channel.
  • Fire Units:
    • 523 1999 Ferrara Pumper Truck
    • 524 2001 Ferrara Pumper Truck
    • 525 2008 Ford F250 Crew Truck
    • 526 1996 Ford F700 Large Brush Truck
    • 527 2011 Fotus Bros Kenworth Tanker
    • 528 2004 Ford F550 4x4 Brush Truck
    • 529 1985 Chevy 3500 4x4 Brush Truck
    • 530 2008 Ferrara Spartan Heavy Rescue
    • 531 2009 Ford F350 4x4 Brush Truck
    • 532 John Deere 4x4 Gator
    • Water Rescue 2010 War Eagle Rescue/Dive Boat

Mineola Volunteer Fire Dept.

  • 900-949 Toned out and dispatched by Mineola PD on Mineola Fire primary channel.
  • 900 Cheif
  • 901 Asst. Chief/Fire Marshal
  • 920 Asst. Cheif
  • 922 Captain
  • 923 Captain
  • 944 Training Coordinator
  • 930-949 Firefighters
  • Fire Units
    • 901 Fire Marshal Vehicle
    • 902 Rescue Vehicle
    • 904 Medium duty brush truck
    • 905 Small duty brush truck
    • 906 Small duty brush truck
    • 907 Personnel and equipment transport & command vehicle
    • 908 Dozer Unit
    • 909 Class A Engine
    • 910 Class A Engine
    • 911 Tanker

Hainesville Volunteer Fire Dept.

  • 700-734 Toned out on Hainesville Fire channel along with alpha numeric pagers by S/O. Checks in with S/O then goes back to Hainesville Fire primary.
  • Units
    • Command/Squad 21 Dodge Pick up with Command Trailer
    • Engine 10 Type 2 Engine
    • Engine 11 Type 4 wildland engine
    • Brush 12 Brush Truck
    • Engine 15 Type 4 wildland Engine
    • Rescue/Engine 22 Type 1 Engine

Hawkins Volunteer Fire Dept.

  • Dispatched by Wood County. Checks in with S/O on Wood County S/O Primary then switches back over to Hawkins Fire Channel.

Perryville Volunteer Fire Dept.

  • 7601-7615 Dispatched by Wood County. Checks in with S/O on Wood County S/O Primary.
  • Perryville VFD also has a response area that covers into Upshur County and are also dispatched by Upshur County Fire Dispatch into the North West part of Upshur County.

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