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Adams County Public Safety Talkgroups

TG # Talkgroup Name Used for
101Unknown LG (Encrypted)Local Govt.
102Unknown LG (Encrypted)Local Govt.
109Event 1Interoperability
110Event 2Interoperability
111Event 3Interoperability
112Event 4Interoperability
113Event 5Interoperability
114Event 6Interoperability
115Event 7Interoperability
116Event 8Interoperability
117P-Operations 9 (Encrypted)Police
118P-Operations 10 (Encrypted)Police
119P-Operations 11 (Encrypted)Police
120A.E.R.O 1MedEvac
121A.E.R.O 2MedEvac
122Adams Carroll 1Patch
123Adams Carroll 2Patch
10001Police Dispatch West (Encrypted)Police
10002Police Dispatch East (Encrypted)Police
10003Police Dispatch County-Wide (Encrypted)Police
10004Law Talk (Encrypted)Police
10005P-Operations 2 (Encrypted)Police
10006P-Operations 3 (Encrypted)Police
10007P-Operations 4 (Encrypted)Police
10008P-Operations 5 (Encrypted)Police
10009P-Operations 6 (Encrypted)Police
10010P-Operations 7 (Encrypted)Police
10011P-Operations 8 (Encrypted)Police
10012Sheriff Tactical Operations (Encrypted)Police
10013Adams Co Prison Main (Encrypted)Correctional
10014Adams Co Prison Operations (Encrypted)Correctional
10015Local Government Operations 2 (Encrypted)Local Govt.
10016Local Government Operations 3 (Encrypted)Local Govt.
10017Local Government Operations 4 (Encrypted)Local Govt.
10018Local Government Operations 5 (Encrypted)Local Govt.
10019Bendersville Tactical Operations (Encrypted)Police
10020Biglerville Tactical Operations (Encrypted)Police
10021Bonneauville Tactical Operations (Encrypted)Police
10022East Berlin Tactical Operations (Encrypted)Police
10023Gettysburg Tactical Operations (Encrypted)Police
10024McSherrystown Tactical Operations (Encrypted)Police
10025Conewago Twp Tactical Operations (Encrypted)Police
10026Cumberland Twp Tactical Operations (Encrypted)Police
10027Reading Twp Tactical Operations (Encrypted)Police
10028Carroll Valley Tactical Operations (Encrypted)Police
10029Littlestown Tactical Operations (Encrypted)Police
10030Liberty Tactical Operations (Encrypted)Police
10031Eastern Adams Tactical Operations (Encrypted)Police
10032Latimore Twp Tactical Operations (Encrypted)Police
10037Sheriff Operations ? (Encrypted)Police
10041Sheriff Operations ? (Encrypted)Police
20000Fire/EMS DispatchFire Dispatch
20001Fire Operations 2Fire Tac
20002Fire Operations 3Fire Tac
20003Fire Operations 4Fire Tac
20004Fire Operations 5Fire Tac
20005Fire Operations 6Fire Tac
20006Fire Operations 7Fire Tac
20007Fire Operations 8Fire Tac
20008Fire Operations 9Fire Tac
20009Fire Operations 10Fire Tac
20010Fire Operations 11Fire Tac
20011Fire Operations 12Fire Tac
20012Fire-Police MainFire-Police
20013Fire-Police Operations 2Fire-Police
20014Fire-Police Operations 3Fire-Police
20015Fire-Police Operations 4Fire-Police
20016Fire-Police Operations 5Fire-Police
20017Fire-Police Operations 6Fire-Police
20018Fire-Police Operations 7Fire-Police
20019Fire-Police Operations 8Fire-Police
20020Fire-Police Operations 9Fire-Police
20021Fire-Police Operations 10Fire-Police
20022Fire-Police Operations 11Fire-Police
20023Fire-Police Operations 12Fire-Police
20024Gettysburg Fire Dept. #1Fire Private
20025Fairfield Fire Co. #2Fire Private
20026Fountaindale Fire Co. #3Fire Private
20027Cashtown Fire Co. #4Fire Private
20028Arendtsville Fire Co. #5Fire Private
20029Biglerville Fire Co. #6Fire Private
20030Bendersville Fire Co. #7Fire Private
20031York Springs Fire Co. #9Fire Private
20032Hampton Fire Co. #10Fire Private
20033East Berlin (Liberty) Fire Co. #11Fire Private
20034Irishtown Fire Co. #14Fire Private
20035OBSOLETE Old Co. #19Fire Private
20036Littlestown (Alpha) Fire Co. #20Fire Private
20037Barlow Fire Co. #22Fire Private
20038Greenmount Fire Co. #23Fire Private
20039Heidlersburg Fire Co. #25Fire Private
20040Lake Meade Fire Co. #26Fire Private
20041Buchanan Valley Fire Co. #27Fire Private
20042S.A.V.E.S. Fire Dept. #29Fire Private
20043United Hook & Ladder #33Fire Private
20044Fire TalkFire Talk
30000Gettysburg Hospital ALS RadioHospital
30001Gettysburg Hospital BLS RadioHospital
30002Hanover Hospital ALS RadioHospital
30003Hanover Hospital BLS RadioHospital
30004EMS TalkEMS Talk
30005EMS Operations 2EMS Tac
30006EMS Operations 3EMS Tac
30007EMS Operations 4EMS Tac
30008EMS Operations 5EMS Tac
50000Local Government DispatchLocal Govt.
50001Local Government Operations 2Local Govt.
50002Local Government Operations 3Local Govt.
50003Local Government Operations 4Local Govt.
50004Local Government Operations 5Local Govt.
50005Local Government Operations 6Local Govt.
50006Local Government Operations 7Local Govt.
50007Local Government Operations 8Local Govt.
50008Local Government Operations 9Local Govt.
50009Local Government Operations 10Local Govt.
50010Local Government Operations 11Local Govt.
50011Municipal Talk or LG Ops 12?????
5002151 - Abbottstown BoroughMunicipalities
5002252 - Arendtsville BoroughMunicipalities
5002353 - Bendersville BoroughMunicipalities
5002465 - Berwick TownshipMunicipalities
5002554 - Biglerville BoroughMunicipalities
5002655 - Bonneauville BoroughMunicipalities
5002766 - Butler TownshipMunicipalities
5002856 - Carroll Valley BoroughMunicipalities
5002967 - Conewago TownshipMunicipalities
5003068 - Cumberland TownshipMunicipalities
5003157 - East Berlin BoroughMunicipalities
5003258 - Fairfield BoroughMunicipalities
5003369 - Franklin TownshipMunicipalities
5003471 - Freedom TownshipMunicipalities
5003572 - Germany TownshipMunicipalities
5003659 - Gettysburg BoroughMunicipalities
5003773 - Hamilton TownshipMunicipalities
5003874 - Hamiltonban TownshipMunicipalities
5003975 - Highland TownshipMunicipalities
5004076 - Huntington TownshipMunicipalities
5004177 - Latimore TownshipMunicipalities
5004278 - Liberty TownshipMunicipalities
5004361 - Littlestown BoroughMunicipalities
5004462 - McSherrystown BoroughMunicipalities
5004579 - Menallen TownshipMunicipalities
5004681 - Mount Joy TownshipMunicipalities
5004782 - Mount Pleasant TownshipMunicipalities
5004863 - New Oxford BoroughMunicipalities
5004983 - Oxford TownshipMunicipalities
5005084 - Reading TownshipMunicipalities
5005185 - Straban TownshipMunicipalities
5005286 - Tyrone TownshipMunicipalities
5005387 - Union TownshipMunicipalities
5005464 - York Springs BoroughMunicipalities
50055Department of Emergency ServicesDES/Training
50056Courthouse Security Operations ? (Encrypted)Security
50059Courthouse Security Main (Encrypted)Security
50064A.R.E.M.S. Co #54 ???EMS Private
Definition list 
NOTE: Individually listed UIDs & RIDs are listed here Adams County Public Safety Radio IDs
EMA = Emergency Management Agency
DES = Department of Emergency Services
A.E.R.O = Aeromedical Evacuation Radio Operations
V.I.P.E.R. = Voice Interoperability Plan for Emergency Responders
S.A.V.E.S. = Southeastern Adams Volunteer Emergency Service
A.R.E.M.S. = Adams Regional Emergency Medical Services
ALS = Advanced Life Support
BLS = Basic Life Support

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