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FRS/GMRS combined channel chart



  • According to the Family Radio Service article, the information below applies to both the US and Canada.

FRS/GMRS Channels

Channel numbers commonly used on 22 channel FRS/GMRS dual service radios are shown in the leftmost column. Most radios of this type are not capable of repeater operation and do not include the repeater input frequencies.

Common Channel Frequency FRS Chan. FRS Max Output FRS Max Bandwidth GMRS Chan. GMRS Max Ouput GMRS Max Bandwidth Usage/Notes
01462.5625FRS 1500 mW12.5 kHzGMRS 95 W25 kHzUnofficial national calling channel
02462.5875FRS 2500 mW12.5 kHzGMRS 105 W25 kHz
03462.6125FRS 3500 mW12.5 kHzGMRS 115 W25 kHz
04462.6375FRS 4500 mW12.5 kHzGMRS 125 W25 kHz
05462.6625FRS 5500 mW12.5 kHzGMRS 135 W25 kHz
06462.6875FRS 6500 mW12.5 kHzGMRS 145 W25 kHz
07462.7125FRS 7500 mW12.5 kHzGMRS 155 W25 kHz
08467.5625FRS 8500 mW12.5 kHz
09467.5875FRS 9500 mW12.5 kHz
10467.6125FRS 10500 mW12.5 kHz
11467.6375FRS 11500 mW12.5 kHz
12467.6625FRS 12500 mW12.5 kHz
13467.6875FRS 13500 mW12.5 kHz
14467.7125FRS 14500 mW12.5 kHz
15462.5500 GMRS 150 W25 kHz
16462.5750 GMRS 250 W25 kHz
17462.6000 GMRS 350 W25 kHz
18462.6250 GMRS 450 W25 kHz
19462.6500 GMRS 550 W25 kHzUse restricted near Canadian border
20462.6750 GMRS 650 W25 kHzUnofficial emergency/traveler assistance channel (PL 141.3)
21462.7000 GMRS 750 W25 kHzUse restricted near Canadian border
22462.7250 GMRS 850 W25 kHz
467.5500 GMRS 1 in50 W25 kHzRepeater input
467.5750 GMRS 2 in50 W25 kHzRepeater input
467.6000 GMRS 3 in50 W25 kHzRepeater input
467.6250 GMRS 4 in50 W25 kHzRepeater input
467.6500 GMRS 5 in50 W25 kHzRepeater input. Use restricted near Canadian border
467.6750 GMRS 6 in50 W25 kHzRepeater input, Unofficial emergency/traveler assistance channel (PL 141.3)
467.7000 GMRS 7 in50 W25 kHzRepeater input. Use restricted near Canadian border
467.7250 GMRS 8 in50 W25 kHzRepeater input

Midland Extra Channels

Midland has started marketing "Extra Channels" on several of their radios. These extra channels are simply existing FRS/GMRS frequencies with hard coded tones and low power on the FRS-only channels.

Channel No. Actual Channel Frequency PL/DPL No. PL Tone/DPL Code
23GMRS 1462.562538250.3
24GMRS 3462.612535225.7
25GMRS 5462.662532203.5
26GMRS 7462.712529179.9
27GMRS 15462.550026162.2
28GMRS 17462.600023146.2
29GMRS 19462.650020131.8
30GMRS 21462.700017118.8
31GMRS 2462.58751023
32GMRS 4462.63754031
33GMRS 6462.68757047
34FRS 8467.562510065
35FRS 10467.612513073
36FRS 12467.662516115
37FRS 14467.712519131
38GMRS 16462.575022143
39GMRS 18462.625025156
40GMRS 20462.675028172
41GMRS 22462.725031223
42GMRS 1462.562514107.2
43GMRS 3462.61251197.4
44GMRS 5462.6625888.5
45GMRS 7462.7125579.7
46GMRS 15462.5500271.9
47GMRS 17462.600037241.8
48GMRS 19462.650034218.1
49GMRS 21462.700031192.8
50GMRS 2462.58752025

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