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Kendall County (IL)



Police and Fire Unit IDs in Cook, Kane, Kendall, Lake, McHenry, and Will Counties Wiki Page (thanks to !)

1/14/03 - Dispatch News Network New World Systems has signed on Kendall County (Ill.) for an $800,000 public safety software system that includes the company's multi-jurisdictional Aegis Records Management, Corrections Management, Business Office, Field Reporting, Imaging and Data Management and Retrieval tools, and other modules. Sheriff's officials said they selected New World Systems in part because they can implement--and pay for--the system in phases: they'll initially implement records management, then move to mobile data and CAD. Phase 3 involves consolidated dispatching for 23 agencies. The county sheriff has 100 deputies handling 50,000 incidents a year from 65,000 residents.

Kendall County Sheriff's Department

  • 100's Oswego PD
  • 200's Yorkville PD
  • 300's ESDA
  • 400's
  • 500's Plano PD
  • 600's
  • 700's Sheriff units
  • 800's Sheriff units
  • 900's Sheriff units
  • David 995 - Corrections transport
  • Old Alternates: 39.5, 39.46, 39.68, 127.3 PL


  • Units: David = Corrections, Zebra=Yorkville, Paul = Plano, Ocean = Oswego, King=Kendall County Sheriff
  • Heard on UHF: Sugar Grove FPD w/Bristol-Kendall & CENCOM, Samonauk Ambulance calling Sandwich FPD


  • WQNN991 - Repeaters of 155.5425 & 156.1425 with input of 153.8675 (for both?)
      • Repeaters at Yorkville (2), Oswego, Newark "Public Safety Dispatch"
    • 9/11 Modify WQNN991 Change 156.1425 to 154.1525 (Repeater)
  • WQNC297 - KenCom Public Safety Dispatch
    • Repeaters at Yorkville, Owsego, Newark on 453.225 453.325 453.475 453.55 453.575 453.725

MABAS Division 14

Bristol/Kendall Fire Protection District Kendall LSBN Lisbon Fire Protection District LFOX Little Rock Fox Fire Protection District NEWK Newark Fire Protection District OSWG Oswego Fire Protection District PLAT Platville Fire Protection District SAND Sandwich Fire Protection District

Fire Units

  • 100s Bristol-Kendall FPD (Bristol & Kendall Townships)
  • 200s Libson-Seward FPD (Lisbon, Na-Au-Say, Seward Townships)
  • 300s Little Rock-Fox FPD (Little Rock & Fox Townships)
  • 400s Sandwich FPD (Village of Sandwich and surrounding area)
  • 500s Oswego FPD (Oswego Township, stations 1,2,3,4)
  • 600s Newark FPD (Big Grove Township)

Kendall County Highway Department

158.80500      WXL803  BM  Lee HD Asssr  Assessor (still in use?) [Expired}

EMS Agencies and Hospitals

Bright Star Ambulance (Oswego)

  • WQOX588 - 155.34 Mobiles

Municipalities & Districts


45.84   KYT964   BM LRckTS Roads  Little Rock Township Road Maintenance (Plano) [Expired]
158.82  KNDT237  BM KndlTS Roads  Kendall Township Road Maintenance [Expired]

Fox Metro Water Reclamation District

154.11500  KYX872  BM Fox Wa/El/Sw  Water/Electric/Sewer Ops (Oswego)  (11K Voice/Data)  

Bristol-Kendall Fire Protection District

4940.0  WQDM412  F B-K FireData  Data and VoIP communication between fire stations and units

Combined Agency Response Team


155.16750  WPPY924  M CART M/A 1  Mutual Aid  FMN  Interop  
155.21250  WPPY924  M CART M/A 2  Mutual Aid  FMN  Interop  
155.27250  WPPY924  M CART M/A 3  Mutual Aid  FMN  Interop  
155.30250  WPPY924  M CART M/A 4  Mutual Aid  FMN  Interop  

Little Rock-Fox Fire Protection District

  • Serves a population of 9,400 residents in Little Rock & Fox townships including Plano and Millbrook and and the county areas from Sandwich on the west to Yorkville on east, north and south from Big Rock to Newark.



  • Website
  • will continue to be dispatched by "Kencom." The "Citywide" channels are for local use only. (The PD facility "Oswego Base" is only manned on Mon. thru Fri. from 0700-2300 local time. It only accepts nonemergency calls. All emergency calls or requests for service still go thru 911 at the Kencom facility

Oswego Fire Protection District

  • Serves the northeast region of Kendall County.

Fox Metro Water District

  • KYX872 - 154.115 Base/Mobile (11K)

Plainfield (Village)



  • WQFU769 - Water Meter Reading - 1431.025 1431.075 1431.125 1431.175 1431.225
  • Formerly licensed for 46.38 KNIE480 BM for Fire (also KTP986/KG4431)
859.21250  814.21250   KNJU714  RM  Plano Police  Police [Expired]   
453.71250      WNAV765  M  Plano PD F4  Police: Car-to-Car [Expired]   
453.41250      WQGM894  B  Plano Sirens  Warning Siren Activation (Digital, @ Plano, low power B@Yorkville) 
154.04000      KRX713  BM 127.3 PL Plano PubWks  Public Works / Former Fire Dispatch? [Expired]   
158.76000      KRX713  BM  Plano PubWrk  Public Works ? [Expired]   

Yorkville, United City of

WQFU642 - Water Meter Reading - 1431.275 1431.325 1431.375 1431.425 1431.475 (IG)

Schools and Colleges

Oswego Community Unit School District #308

  • Website
  • WQPQ755 - Base/pagers on 464.6 (was to be 462.85)
464.10000  469.10000   WNST523  RM  Oswego Admin  Administration    
33.04000      KVM535  BM   Buses (in use?) [Expired]    
464.35000  469.35000   WQBI303  RM  OEHS Ops 2  Oswego East High School: Security/Maintenance/Engineering/Staff   
463.23750  468.23750   WQBI303  RMF  OEHS Ops 3  Oswego East High School: Security/Maintenance/Engineering/Staff (4250 Route 71)  FMN  
452.83750  467.83750   WQBI303  RM  OEHS Ops 4  Oswego East High School: Security/Maintenance/Engineering/Staff (4250 Route 71)  FMN    
452.83750  457.83750   WQBI303  RM  TraugherHS  Traughber Jr. High School: Security/Maintenance/Engineering/Staff   
451.68750  456.68750   WQBI303  RM  OSD 4516875  Ops (570 Colchester Dr)
451.71250  456.71250   WQBI303  RM  OSD 4517125  Ops (26923 W Grande Park Blvd-Plainfield)   

Plano Community Unit School District #88

  • 464.77500 WPBM408 BM Plano Buses Bus Transportation [Expired 1/03]
  • WQNV444 - Buses at Bristol, 463.2 Repeater (11K)

Sandwich Community Unit School District #430

  • 463.22500 468.22500 WPFC911 RMF SndwchSchool School Ops

Yorkville CUSD #115

  • 4/15 FCC Application 006732513 for DMR Repeaters
    • 1) Yorkville Middle School - 452.075
    • 2) Yorkville High School - 451.4
    • 3) Grande Reserve Elementary - 461.4
    • 4) Bristol Bay Elementary - 464.025
    • 5) Jane Adams Middle School - 461.6

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