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Lafayette County (MO)


Lafayette County Government

Municipalities and Districts

Higginsville (City)

  • WPUT570 - 956.43125 8K85A1D Meter Data for Electric

Odessa (City)


Higginsville Police Dispatch		1049006
Lafayette County Sheriff Dispatch	1049009


Apple Bus Company

  • 151.91 Base/Mobile (11K at Higginsville 159.705 BM at other Locations) WPTD824

Concordia Reorganized School District #2

  • WQQA684 462.825 Base/Pagers (NFM Data)
  • WPNQ780 159.495 Base/Mobile (NFM)

Odessa R7 School District

  • WPKW777 463.375 Repeater (at Tower)
  • WPKW777 452.3 Repeater, 463/468.9375 Mobiles (at Middle/High School)


  • Central MO AG Service 151.775 Base/Mobile (11K Multiple Locations)
  • Gross Farms 463.425 Repeater (11K at Corder) 9/12 FCC app 0005369186
  • Homfeld Farms 461.6625 Repeater (11K at Lexington) WQPD806
  • Ray-Carroll Grain Ops 153.035 Base/Mobile (11K at Mayview) 8/12 App 0005315501
  • Wilkinson Towing WQPA907 152.3975 Repeater with 157.6575 (11K at Odessa)

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