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Marine VHF Channels


-- Jan 2017.


US VHF Marine Channels
New Ch Old Ch Ship TX Ship RX Usage/Notes
100101A156.0500156.0500Port Operations and Commercial, VTS. Available only in New Orleans/Lower Mississippi area.
100505A156.2500156.2500Port Operations or VTS in Houston, New Orleans and Seattle.
0606156.3000156.3000Intership Safety
0808156.4000156.4000Commercial (Intership only)
0909156.4500156.4500Boater Calling. Commercial and Non-Commercial.
1111156.5500156.5500Commercial. VTS in selected areas.
1212156.6000156.6000Port Operations. VTS in selected areas.
1313156.6500156.6500Intership Navigation Safety (Bridge-to-bridge). Ships >20m length maintain a listening watch on this channel in US waters.
1414156.7000156.7000Port Operations. VTS in selected areas.
1515--156.7500Environmental (Receive only). Used by Class C EPIRBs.
1616156.8000156.8000International Distress, Safety and Calling. Ships required to carry radio, USCG, and most coast stations maintain a listening watch on this channel.
1717156.8500156.8500State Control
2020157.0000161.6000Port Operations (duplex)
102020A157.0000157.0000Port Operations
102121A157.0500157.0500U.S. Coast Guard only.
102222A157.1000157.1000Coast Guard Liaison and Maritime Safety Information Broadcasts. Broadcasts announced on channel 16.
102323A157.1500157.1500U.S. Coast Guard only
2424157.2000161.8000Public Correspondence (Marine Operator)
2525157.2500161.8500Public Correspondence (Marine Operator)
2626157.3000161.9000Public Correspondence (Marine Operator)
2727157.3500161.9500Public Correspondence (Marine Operator)
2828157.4000162.0000Public Correspondence (Marine Operator)
106363A156.1750156.1750Port Operations and Commercial, VTS. Available only in New Orleans/Lower Mississippi area.
106565A156.2750156.2750Port Operations
106666A156.3250156.3250Port Operations
6767156.3750156.3750Commercial. Used for Bridge-to-bridge communications in lower Mississippi River. Intership only.
7070156.5250156.5250Digital Selective Calling DSC (voice communications not allowed)
7272156.6250156.6250Non-Commercial (Intership only)
7373156.6750156.6750Port Operations
7474156.7250156.7250Port Operations
7777156.8750156.8750Port Operations (Intership only)
107979A156.9750156.9750Commercial. Non-Commercial in Great Lakes only
108080A157.0250157.0250Commercial. Non-Commercial in Great Lakes only
108181A157.0750157.0750U.S. Government only - Environmental protection operations.
108282A157.1250157.1250U.S. Government only
108383A157.1750157.1750U.S. Coast Guard only
8484157.2250161.8250Public Correspondence (Marine Operator)
8585157.2750161.8750Public Correspondence (Marine Operator)
8686157.3250161.9250Public Correspondence (Marine Operator)
8787157.3750157.3750Public Correspondence (Marine Operator)
8888157.4250157.4250Commercial, Intership only
AIS 1AIS 1161.9750161.9750Automatic Identification System AIS (digital)
AIS 2AIS 2162.0250162.0250Automatic Identification System AIS (digital)

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