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Category:US Federal Government Frequencies

Welcome to the "Category:US Federal Government Frequencies" category, which is a sub category of both "Category:US Federal Government" and "Category:Wiki Frequencies". This category lists all the articles for Category:US Federal Government that contain frequency information as submitted by the members. This data should be used to supplement, but not replace, the data in our web service database.

This data may not be accurate, and members are encouraged to listen and validate it. Anyone can edit these articles and correct/add/delete data. You should not submit this data to the data base team until it has been validated.

When the data has been validated, it should be submitted for inclusion in our database. See these guidelines for submitting data. When the data has been entered, you can still bring the data back into the wiki by use of the Wiki Extensions. See the indicated link for instructions on how to use them.

If the data is more than a couple of lines, the use of tables is highly encouraged. This enables several applications to capture this data, copy it into Windows clipboard, and from there to your scanner programming software. This helps to avoid a large amount of tedious (and error prone) manual typing and copying. See the Applications that can copy Frequency Data from the Wiki article for more information.

To view the article, simply click on the name as listed below.

The RR forum for this topic can be found here

Also see the MT Fed Files Blog for more information

Non classified frequencies can sometimes be found on the NTIA website

For the listings below - "TX Freq" is the transmit freq of field units (mobiles, portables, control stations, etc) - "RX Freq" is the receive freq of field units

A Federal Frequencies group can be found here
A Federal Frequencies Yahoo group can be found here


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