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St. Louis County (MN)

St. Louis County, Minnesota
FIPS County Number 143
County Seat Duluth
MSP District 3110, 3120, 3140, 2730
MSP HQ City Virginia and Duluth
MSP CVI District 4750
Mn/DOT District 1
DNR Enforcement District 5,6 and 8
ARMER Zone 5
EMS Region Northeast
FBI Division Minneapolis
FBI Resident Agency Duluth
St. Louis County database
Minnesota Forum

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Welcome to the St. Louis County, Minnesota collaboration article. This is where you, the user, may index any articles you develop for scanning related topics for your area.


Law Enforcement Agencies

Fire Department



Duluth Fire uses DTMF based Station Alerting, the code being station specific (DTMF 401: Headquarters, DMTF 407: Station 7, ...).

DTMF "###" is used for All Call, multi-unit responses, and if apparatus have moved for fill in.

The following 1s/3s two-tone pages are also used:

  • Supervisory Personnel 422.1 Hz 349.0 Hz
  • Fire Investigators 422.1 Hz 496.8 Hz

Emergency Medical Services


Gold Cross EMS Units

Unit IDPrimary Post/Role
302West Duluth
303West Duluth
304West Duluth
305Superior, WI
307Hawthorne, WI
308Office Crew
310Transfer Crew
311Event Crew
312Event Crew
320Medical Director

The Downtown Duluth Station was closed September 2009. To provide coverage, a crew is posted downtown, usually staying at the hospital after a call. Crews are rotated every few hours to this post, known as Zone 4.

Weekdays 10am-1pm 305 posts Downtown, and 307 moves to Superior to cover. From 7-10pm 307 posts downtown with the Superior Crew covering Douglas County.

308 is made up of Paramedics that work in administration in the office. During very busy times they will respond to calls until other crews become available.

Duluth Harbor

The Duluth/Superior Harbor sees about 1,100 ships a year with about 45 million net tons moving through this port annually, specifically, Coal, Wheat, Barley and Taconite. It is the busiest port on the Grat Lakes and the 15th busiest in the nation. Railroad Operations are aplenty, with frequency information in the Minnesota Railroad Wiki Article. Maritime Frequency information below...

Marine Ch #FrequencyUsage
06156.3000Safety, navigation, search & rescue.
08156.4000Commercial business traffic.
10156.5000Commercial business traffic.
12156.6000Bridges, locks & dams.
14156.7000Bridges, locks & dams.
16156.8000USCG, Hailing Channel, safety & distress.
18156.9000Harbor tugs.
20157.0000Bridges, locks & dams.
22157.1000Coast Guard.
26157.3000General use, & Great Lakes WX,
161.9000Encoded MAFOR & LAWEB.
28157.4000General use & Great Lakes WX
68156.4250Recreation boats, charters etc.

Duluth Harbor Links

ARMER Migration


  • Status - Planning to Migrate to ARMER
  • Sites and Status:
Site IDSite NameStatusLat.Long.FCCCC 1CC 2
5-031Sax - Little SwanARMERCO.jpg47.15509N92.40545WWQKS344
5-043Duluth SimulcastARMEROA.jpg46.47255N92.06508W 856.4625852.4875
5-066Mirror Lake Look OutARMERCO.jpg46.58300N92.10360W
5-079Argo LakeARMEREV.jpg47.41197N91.54236W
5-081Line LakeFile:ARMER.jpg47.09268N92.05010W
5-084Chisholm NorthARMEROA.jpg47.39045N92.51546WWQKS344
5-085Virginia - Midway SimulcastARMEROA.jpg47.29143N92.31122W 852.9500
5-086Erie HillARMERP.jpg47.35360N92.13459W
5-088Vermillion DamARMERID.jpg47.58116N92.28376W
5-089Gheen NewARMEROA.jpg47.58435N92.49488W
5-090Crane LakeARMERID.jpg48.13045N92.28116W
5-091Elephant LakeARMEROA.jpg48.10474N92.45010W
5-092Meander LakeARMERIER.jpg48.07151N92.09384W


Bolded Descriptions Indicate that the talkgroup will be on the St. Louis County Dispatch Consoles.

SU Law AllLaw Announcement Group
SU Law No AllLaw North Announcement Group
SU Law So AllLaw South Announcement Group
37802SU Law NorthSt. Louis Co Law North Dispatch
37801CA Law SouthSt. Louis Co Law South Dispatch
SU Law Ops 1St. Louis Co Law Operations 1
SU Law Ops 2St. Louis Co Law Operations 2
SU Law Ops 3St. Louis Co Law Operations 3
SU Law Ops 4St. Louis Co Law Operations 4
SU Law Ops 5St. Louis Co Law Operations 5
SU Law Ops 6St. Louis Co Law Operations 6 Encrypted
SU DPD AllDuluth Police Announcement Group
37300SU DPD Ops 1Duluth Police Operations 1
SU DPD Ops 2Duluth Police Operations 2
SU DPD Ops 3Duluth Police Operations 3
SU DPD Ops 4Duluth Police Operations 4 Encrypted
SU DLH 1Duluth Airport 1
SU DLH 2Duluth Airport 2
SU B & WSt. Louis Co Boat & Water
SU ProbSt. Louis Co Probation
CA DEADrug Enforcement
CA ERTEmergency Response Team
SU JailSt. Louis Co Jail Operations
SU Jail RoamSt. Louis Co Jail Operations Statewide
SU DPD JailDuluth Jail
SU Law Adm 1St. Louis Co Law Admin 1
SU Law Adm 2St. Louis Co Law Admin 2
SU Shrf AdmSt. Louis Co Sheriff Office Admin
SU IIU AdmSt. Louis Co IIU Admin
SU Rescue AdmSt. Louis Co Rescue Admin
SU AHRC AdmArrowhead Regional Corrections Center Admin
SU BPD AdmBabbitt Police Admin
SU BFPDBois Forte Police Admin
SU BTPD AdmBreitung Police Admin
SU CHPD AdmChisholm Police Admin
SU DPD Adm 1Duluth Police Admin 1
SU DPD Adm 2Duluth Police Admin 2
SU SDTPD AdmDuluth Township Police Admin
SU ELPD AdmEly Police Admin
SU EVPD AdmEveleth Police Admin
SU FYPD AdmFayal Police Admin
SU FWPD AdmFloodwood Police Admin
SU FDLPD AdmFond du Lac Police Admin
SU GLPD AdmGilbert Police Admin
SU HTPD AdmHermantown Police Admin
SU HBPD AdmHibbing Police Admin
SU HLPD AdmHoyt Lakes Police Admin
SU PRPD AdmProctor Police Admin
SU UMD AdmU of MN Duluth Police Admin
SU VPD AdminVirginia Police Admin
SU Fire AllFire Announcement Group
SU Fire NorthSt. Louis Co Fire North
SU Fire SouthSt. Louis Co Fire South
SU Fire Ops 1St. Louis Co Fire Operations 1
SU Fire Ops 2St. Louis Co Fire Operations 2
SU Fire Ops 3St. Louis Co Fire Operations 3
SU Fire Ops 4St. Louis Co Fire Operations 4
SU Fire Ops 5St. Louis Co Fire Operations 5
SU Fire Ops 6St. Louis Co Fire Operations 6
SU DFD Ops 1Duluth Fire Operations 1
SU DFD Ops 2Duluth Fire Operations 2
SU DFD Ops 3Duluth Fire Operations 3
SU DFD Ops 4Duluth Fire Operations 4
SU Fire Adm No 1St. Louis Co Fire Admin North 1
SU Fire Adm No 2St. Louis Co Fire Admin North 2
SU Fire Adm So 1St. Louis Co Fire Admin South 1
SU Fire Adm So 2St. Louis Co Fire Admin South 2
SU ANG Adm148th Air National Guard Fire Admin
SU ALFD AdmAlborn Fire Admin
SU AHFD AdmArrowhead Fire Admin
SU AUFD AdmAurora Fire Admin
SU BBFD AdmBabbitt Fire Admin
SU BVFD AdmBearville Fire Admin
SU BWFD AdmBiwabik City Fire Admin
SU BWTFD AdmBiwabik Township Fire Admin
SU BFFD AdmBois Forte Fire Admin
SU BTFD AdmBreitung Fire Admin
SU BRFD AdmBrimson Fire Admin
SU BUFD AdmBuhl Fire Admin
SU BYFD AdmBuyck Fire Admin
SU CAFD AdmCanosia Fire Admin
SU CLFD AdmCentral Lakes Fire Admin
SU CHFD AdmCherry Fire Admin
SU CMFD AdmChisholm Fire Admin
SU CFFD AdmClifton Fire Admin
SU CNFD AdmClinton Fire Admin
SU COLFD AdmColvin Fire Admin
SU COFD AdmCook Fire Admin
SU CTFD AdmCotton Fire Admin
SU CRLFD AdmCrane Lake Fire Admin
SU CULFD AdmCulver Fire Admin
SU DFD Adm 1Duluth Fire Admin 1
SU DFD Adm 2Duluth Fire Admin 2
SU ENFD AdmEagles Nest Fire Admin
SU EBFD AdmEast Brevator Fire Admin
SU ELFD AdmEllsburg Fire Admin
SU EMFD AdmElmer Fire Admin
SU EYFD AdmEly Fire Admin
SU EMBFD AdmEmbarrass Fire Admin
SU EVFD AdmEveleth Fire Admin
SU EGFD AdmEvergreen Fire Admin
SU FYFD AdmFayal Fire Admin
SU FWFD AdmFloodwood Fire Admin
SU FBFD AdmFredenburg Fire Admin
SU FRFD AdmFrench Fire Admin
SU GBFD AdmGilbert Fire Admin
SU GNFD AdmGnesen Fire Admin
SU GLFD AdmGrand Lake Fire Admin
SU GRSFD AdmGreany Rausch Silverdale Fire Admin
SU GWFD AdmGreenwood Fire Admin
SU HTFD AdmHermantown Fire Admin
SU HBFD AdmHibbing Fire Admin
SU HLFD AdmHoyt Lakes Fire Admin
SU INFD AdmIndustrial Fire Admin
SU IFFD AdmInternational Falls Fire Admin
SU KLFD AdmKelsey Fire Admin
SU KGSFD AdmKinney/Great Scott Fire Admin
SU LKFD AdmLake Kabetogema Fire Admin
SU LLFD AdmLakeland Fire Admin
SU LWFD AdmLakewood Fire Admin
SU MNFD AdmMakinen Fire Admin
SU MDFD AdmMcDavitt Fire Admin
SU MKFD AdmMcKinley Fire Admin
SU MLFD AdmMeadowlands Fire Admin
SU MFLFD AdmMorse Fall Lake Fire Admin
SU MTFD AdmMountain Iron Fire Admin
SU NMFD AdmNormanna Fire Admin
SU NSFD AdmNorth Star Fire Admin
SU NLFD AdmNorthland Fire Admin
SU ORFD AdmOrr Fire Admin
SU PLFD AdmPalo Fire Admin
SU PQFD AdmPequaywan Fire Admin
SU PSBFD AdmPike Sandy Britt Fire Admin
SU PRFD AdmProctor Fire Admin
SU RLFD AdmRice Lake Fire Admin
SU SLFD AdmSilica Fire Admin
SU SWFD AdmSolway Fire Admin
SU TVFD AdmToivola Fire Admin
SU TWFD AdmTower Fire Admin
SU VLFD AdmVermillion Lake Fire Admin
SU VGFD AdmVirginia Fire Admin
SU WBFD AdmWest Brevator Fire Admin
EMS AllEMS Announcement Group
SU EMS 1St. Louis Co EMS 1
SU EMS 2St. Louis Co EMS 2
SU Rescue 1St. Louis Co Rescue 1
SU Rescue 2St. Louis Co Rescue 2
SU EMS Adm NoSt. Louis Co EMS Admin North
SU EMS Adm SoSt. Louis Co EMS Admin South
SU BBAMB AdmBabbitt Ambulance Admin
SU BWAMB AdmBiwabik Ambulance Admin
SU BFAMB AdmBois Forte Ambulance Admin
SU BUAMB AdmBuhl Ambulance Admin
SU CHAMB AdmChisholm Ambulance Admin
SU COAMB AdmCook Ambulance Admin
SU EYAMB AdmEly Ambulance Admin
SU EVAMB AdmEveleth Ambulance Admin
SU FWAMB AdmFloodwood Ambulance Admin
SU GCAMB AdmGold Cross Ambulance Admin
SU HBAMB AdmHibbing Ambulance Admin
SU HLAMB AdmHoyt Lakes Ambulance Admin
SU IFAMB AdmInternational Falls Ambulance Admin
SU MLAMB AdmMeadowlands Ambulance Admin
SU ORAMB AdmOrr Ambulance Admin
SU TWAMB AdmTower Ambulance Admin
SU THAMB AdmTwo Harbors Ambulance Admin
SU VGAMB AdmVirginia Ambulance Admin
Hwy & PW
SU PW 1St. Louis Co Public Works 1
SU PW 2St. Louis Co Public Works 2
SU PW 3St. Louis Co Public Works 3
SU PW 4St. Louis Co Public Works 4
SU PW 5St. Louis Co Public Works 5
SU PW 6St. Louis Co Public Works 6
SU PW 7St. Louis Co Public Works 7
SU PW 8St. Louis Co Public Works 8
SU PW 9St. Louis Co Public Works 9
SU PW 10St. Louis Co Public Works 10
SU PW 11St. Louis Co Public Works 11
SU PW Eng 1St. Louis Co Highway Engineers & Techs
SU PW Eng 2St. Louis Co Highway Foremen
SU LandSt. Louis Co Land Department
SU HlthSt. Louis Co Public Health
SU Ely PW1City of Ely Public Works 1
SU Ely PW2City of Ely Public Works 2
SU EV PW1City of Eveleth Public Works 1
SU EV PW2City of Eveleth Public Works 2
SU GB PW1City of Gilbert Public Works 1
SU GB PW2City of Gilbert Public Works 2
SU HB PW1City of Hibbing Public Works 1
SU HB PW2City of Hibbing Public Works 2
SU VG PW1City of Virginia Public Works 1
SU VG PW2City of Virginia Public Works 2
SU PS Common 1St. Louis Co Public Safety Common 1
SU PS Common 2St. Louis Co Public Safety Common 2
SU 911St. Louis Co Emergency
SU EmerSt. Louis Co Emergency Button
SU 911 Roam NoSt. Louis Co 911 North Roaming
SU 911 Roam SoSt. Louis Co 911 South Roaming
SU Fire/EMS RoamSt. Louis Co Fire/EMS Roaming
SU Tech RoamSt. Louis Co Radio Tech Roaming
SU Radio TechSt. Louis Co Radio Technicians
SU DLH Radio TechDuluth Radio Technicians
SU Port 1St. Louis Co Port Operations 1 Poss on Console
SU Port 2St. Louis Co Port Operations 2 Poss on Console
SU AirportSt. Louis Co Airport Operations Poss on Console
SU VHF 1St. Louis Co VHF Interop 1
SU VHF 2St. Louis Co VHF Interop 2
SU Event 1St. Louis Co Event 1
SU Event 2St. Louis Co Event 2
SU DLH Event 1Duluth Event 1
SU DLH Event 2Duluth Event 2
SU DLH Event 3Duluth Event 3
SU State FireState Fire VHF Interop
SU State AmbState Amvulance VHF Interop
Lake Co VHFLake Co VHF Interop
Cook Co VHFCook Co VHF Interop
Carlton VHFCarlton Co VHF Interop
Douglas VHFDouglas Co VHF Interop

Trunked Radio Systems

Recommended Scanning


155.5950151.4 PLDuluth Police 1
155.6400151.4 PLDuluth Police 2
155.4150173.8 PLSt. Louis Sheriff South
154.3100203.5 PLDuluth Fire Dispatch
155.9550 St. Louis County Fire/EMS South
153.7700203.5 PLSt. Louis County Fire/EMS North
155.6550 St. Louis County Sheriff Midway
158.7750173.8 PLSt. Louis County Sheriff North
155.2800203.5 PLGold Cross Ambualnce - Duluth
155.5800156.7 PLHibbing Police
155.3550141.3 PLDuluth Regional EMS


2115Life Link III Inflight Flight Following
2125Life Link III Hibbing Dispatch
36500State Patrol Duluth
36564State Patrol Virginia
37300Duluth Police 1 (Simulcast of 155.5950)
37801St. Louis Co South LE Dispatch (Simulcast of 155.4150)
37802St. Louis Co North LE Dispatch

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