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Many retail stores in malls and strip malls use simplex radios to conduct their business. In a busy shopping district making sense of all the frequencies heard on a scanner can be confusing. For a detailed guide to scanning stores and shopping centers, see this page.

Some but not all store frequencies in use are FCC licensed (either national, regional or local licenses). Fortunately, mainly retail stores use the same frequency/tone combinations nationwide. Scanning known common frequencies/tones will help identify these same stores when you are in their vicinity. Sources for the list below include frequencies found on and other regional frequency pages and scanner forums.

NOTE: the letters after a store's name are simply present to distinguish which frequency you are hearing when the scanner stops on that channel. Only when there are numbers in the description do they actually denote channel numbers.

467.7625American Eagle G179.9
467.8125American Eagle H71.9
464.5625Ann Taylor94.8
466.0375Ann Taylor Loft94.8
461.1125Auntie Anne's606
158.4000Banana RepublicX74.4
151.8350Banana RepublicY74.4
464.5000Bass Pro Shop A466
469.6000Bass Pro Shop B606
468.9375Bass Pro Shop C703
469.8875Bass Pro Shop D703
451.5875Bass Pro Shop E073
461.0625Bath-Body Works X632
461.0375Bath-Body Works Y734
467.9000Bath-Body Works Z632
467.9250Best Buy A506
467.9000Best Buy B743
467.8750Borders G432
467.8750Borders H423
154.5275Charlotte Russe X186.2
467.8500 Charlotte Russe Y173.8
461.0375 Charlotte Russe Z186.2
467.9250Crate & Barrel X91.5
467.8750Crate & Barrel Y77.0
467.7625Crate & Barrel Z74.4
467.8750Dick's Sports85.4
467.9000Express Men136.5
461.0375Foot Locker74.4
154.5150Gap VHF X172
154.6000Gap VHF Y624
154.5700Gap or Old Navy74.4
461.1625Gander Mountain X165
462.1875Gander Mountain Y165
467.7625Gander Mountain Z226
467.3625Gordmans X413
467.4125Gordmans Y265
468.8375H&M X155
466.2875H&M Y155
469.7625H&M Z155
467.7625Home Depot 1065
467.8500Home Depot 2331
467.8375Home Depot 3263
467.9000Home Depot 5466
461.9375JC Penney Q732
467.2250JC Penney X365
466.9625JC Penney Y85.4
461.7125JC Penney Z365
467.9000J Crew X88.5
467.9250J Crew Y 88.5
461.9000Jo Ann Fabric371
467.8500Kohl's X023
466.3375Kohl's Z612
154.5700Menards VHF 1179.9
154.6000Menards VHF 2179.9
464.4875Menards UHF-W031
469.5625Menards UHF-X023
467.8875Menards UHF-Y065
466.0375Menards UHF-Z025
464.5750Neiman Marcus127.3
463.5625Nordstrom A506
463.8375Nordstrom B146.2
467.9000Office Depot X131
467.9250Office Depot Y131
154.6000Old Navy A85.4
154.6000Old Navy B331
151.6250Old Navy X74.4
151.7750Old Navy Y77.0
151.8050Old Navy Z77.0
467.8500Old Navy-UHF Q047
467.9250Old Navy-UHF R311
151.9550Old Navy-VHF74.4
151.7000Pottery Barn A79.7
151.7000Pottery Barn D71.9
151.6250Pottery Barn E97.4
461.3125Pottery Brn Kids74.4
464.5250Sears Q131.8
468.4875Sears X103.5
464.5500Sears Y118.8
461.1625Sears Z413
467.9250Sephora V412
464.5500Sephora W412
461.1125Sephora X412
467.7625Sephora Y412
461.0875Sephora Z466
467.1875Target F306
467.5125Target G165
467.4625Target G244
467.4875Target H072
467.5125Target I115
467.8750Target J244
467.7500Target U-1115
467.7750Target U-2072
467.9250Target U-3155
467.9000Target U-4205
461.0375Target UHF 1026
466.2875Target UHF 2032
469.4875Target UHF 3047
469.4875Target UHF 3B065
462.9125Target UHF 4065
467.4875Target UHF L072
467.5125Target UHF M115
151.6250Target VHF 1179.9
151.9550Target VHF 2179.9
151.9250Target VHF 3506
151.8950Target VHF 4506
467.8750TJ Maxx100.0
154.6000The Gap74.4
467.8750The Limited A110.9
467.8125The Limited B77.0
462.8125The Limited C261
154.6000Toys R' US VHF-X94.8
151.9550Toys R' US VHF-Y94.8
151.6250Toys R' US VHF-Z94.8
467.8500Toys R' US UHF X251
467.8750Toys R' US UHF Y331
467.9250Toys R' US UHF Z411
467.9250Urban Outfitters218.1
467.9250Victoria Sec X743
469.5375Victoria Sec Y743
467.8125WalMart UHF A179.9
154.6000WarnerBros Store114

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