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Pages: Templates-List: General Use Only, Infobox-Related, Categories-Related, Sets of Related Pages, Doc.



How templates can be useful

  • Templates can act like a "rubber-stamp" and like a "cookie-cutter".
  • Wiki-page editors may create a template that contains commonly-used boiler-plate text, and use it repeatedly, like a "rubber-stamp", in many different Wiki-articles.
  • Wiki-page editors may use parameters in templates, to create custom individualized results, but with a common behavior regardless of which article invokes the template, similar to how a "cookie-cutter" gives the same shape to cookies that might have slightly different ingredients.
  • When a template that includes Web-links, or Wiki-links, is updated to reflect link-updates, all articles that rely on the template are also automatically updated, thus saving considerable time and effort during Wiki-maintenance, and significantly increasing accuracy and correctness throughout the Wiki.

Template Variables or Parameters

  • Templates can make use of three types of parameters -- anonymous, numbered, and named. All three methods are utilized in the RadioReference Wiki.
  • Templates can also make use of system-variables to display system-values.

Template Documentation

  • Templates are documented either in the template itself (when the template is short and simple), or in a "/doc" sub-page. The "/doc" sub-page link will be found at the bottom of the template, and will be the template's name with "/doc" appended to it (without quotes). Example: Template:Cat_State's documentation is located at: Template:Cat_State/doc
  • For recommendations and examples of how to document a template, please navigate to: Templates-List: Documentation.
  • Please be very careful when adding the "/doc" documentation link at the bottom of a template, so that the template's behavior is not modified. Please make sure the "noinclude" tag immediately follows the last character of the template; otherwise unwanted spaces might be added to the template.

Templates List

Pages: Templates-List: General Use Only, Infobox-Related, Categories-Related, Sets of Related Pages, Doc.

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