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Wichita County (TX)


Wichita Falls 800 MHz Conventional Frequencies

Wichita Falls Public Works NEXEDGE

  • In December 2012 the city of Wichita Falls moved the various public works departments from their four VHF simplex channels and one UHF repeater to six NEXEDGE (NXDN 9600 bps) conventional repeaters at multiple sites. Here is the City Council Resolution to purchase the equipment.
  • Four of the repeater pairs (460.2750, 460.3500, 460.600 & 460.6250) were previously used by the police and fire departments before the 800 MHz EDACS trunked system was installed in 2005, and two new repeater pairs (453.1625 & 453.9000) were obtained.
  • Simplex operation on the repeater outputs has been heard but it is not known if the old PD simplex channels (460.225, 460.325 and 460.475) are used.
  • There are presently no digital scanners capable of receiving NEXEDGE. It can be received using DSD.

Special Events

Hotter N Hell Hundred Bicycle Ride/Race 2014

454.6000  459.6000  RM  632 DPL  Ch. 1 Medical     FMN  
454.4250  459.4250  RM  632 DPL  Ch. 2 Sag Wagons  FMN

Unidentified/Unconfirmed Frequencies

The following frequencies are not listed in the database. If you can confirm or identify any of them, please submit the information and remove them from this list.

Frequency/Input Type Tone - Description
37.1800 BM - Electra Emerg Mgmt (Unknown if still used)
151.1525 BM - Wichita County Emerg Mgmt (Unknown use)
151.2350 M - Wichita County Emerg Mgmt (may be input to 154.755 repeater)
151.2500 BM - Wichita County Emerg Mgmt (Unknown use)
151.3250 BM - Wichita County Emerg Mgmt (Unknown use)
151.4750 M - Wichita County Emerg Mgmt (Unknown use)
154.0250 BM - City of Wichita Falls (Unknown if still used)
154.7250 M - Wichita County Sheriff (Unknown if still used - Old input to 155.79 repeater)
155.4450 M 162 NAC - DPS MOBILE 2? (DPS talkaround Wichita Falls area)
155.7600 BM - City of Wichita Falls (Unknown if still used)
155.8950 BM - Wichita County DA (Unknown if still used)
157.6800 M 103.5 PL - Wichita Falls ISD? school hand helds (no license?)
158.7600 BM - City of Wichita Falls (Unknown if still used)
159.5025 M - Wichita Falls ISD (unknown use)
159.5700 M 167.9 PL? - Wichita Falls ISD school hand helds?
159.6375 M - Wichita Falls ISD (unknown use)
451.0875 M - City of Wichita Falls (Unknown if still used)
460.2250 M - City of Wichita Falls (Unknown if still used)
460.3250 M - City of Wichita Falls (Unknown if still used)
460.4750 M - City of Wichita Falls (Unknown if still used)
462.3500/467.3500 RM - Midwestern State Univ. (Unknown if still used)
851.5875 B? 073 DPL - Unknown base or repeater makes periodic ring tone (no FCC license?)
857.7375/812.7375 RM - City of Wichita Falls (Temporary/portable repeater)
858.7375/813.7375 RM - City of Wichita Falls (Temporary/portable repeater)
859.7375/814.7375 RM - City of Wichita Falls (Temporary/portable repeater)

Fire Tone Outs

Wichita County Fire Departments

The four county fire repeaters (151.3925, 151.4975, 155.5650, 155.8200) are linked together for countywide coverage. All departments outside of Wichita Falls, except Burkburnett, are dispatched on the repeater simulcast system, and will move to their onscene simplex frequency or statewide interop channels within 20 minutes of initial dispatch, or when another department is dispatched for a response in their area. Department pagers are programmed with the nearest repeater to their territory. Friberg-Cooper and Punkin Center do not have their own response area per The State Of Texas and S.F.F.M.A. Those departments have been setup for mutual aid responses only and can be activated when requested. Those department tones are the same as the dispatching agency.

GroupTone ATone B
Burkburnett, Friberg-Cooper879.01083.0
Cameron Gardens939682
Electra, Punkin Center2807.01180.0
Iowa Park564.71232.0
Wichita East17151886
Wichita West928.4569.4

Wichita County EMS

American Medical Response is the EMS provider for Wichita Falls, Burkburnett, Iowa Park, and rural Wichita County except Electra.

GroupTone ATone B
AMR EMS Wichita Falls (155.2350 PL 173.8)524.6399.8
Electra EMS (154.3100 DPL 265)457.9433.7
Air Evac Lifeteam 34 Wichita Falls (159.9000 DPL 032)832.5746.8

Unit IDs

Other Agencies in Wichita County

Unit IDAgency
1##Wichita County Sheriff - Patrol
1##Midwestern State U. PD
353Iowa Park FD / Wichita County Fire Dispatch (KDQ353)
4##Kamay FD
441Iowa Park Public Works Dispatch (WSL441)
5##Iowa Park PD
6##Electra FD
7##Wichita West FD
9##Wichita County Emergency Management
21##Texas PWD game wardens
48##Wichita County SO? (may be other agency)
50##Texas DPS troopers
51##Texas DPS troopers
52##Texas DPS troopers
56##Texas DPS troopers
58##Texas DPS troopers
61##Texas ABC?
AP #Wichita County Adult Probation?
DA #Wichita County District Attorney?
Park #Iowa Park FD

City of Wichita Falls

Unit IDUnit/DepartmentNEXEDGE RIDNEXEDGE Alias
1##Animal Control
2##Animal Control, Parks & Rec
398Fire DispatchN/AN/A
470Utilities Dispatch470470
ACAnimal Control Dispatch1501AC Base
BaseSanitation Dispatch1509Sanitation
Parks 3Parks & Recreation Dispatch1502Parks 3
Street ShopStreet Shop1507?
TE 7Transit DispatchN/AN/A
Tire ShopTire Shop10902?
UCUtility Billing & Collections1513U-C Base

Wichita Falls Police Dept.

WFPD Assigned Radio Numbers Effective 07/02/1991. It is unknown if these are still current.
    Axn - First Shift Patrol beat officers
    Bxn - Second Shift Patrol beat officers
    Cxn - Third Shift Patrol beat officers
           x = Beat Number
           n = 1, 2, etc.
            ex: C51 & C52 are Beat 5 third shift officers
    Dx1 - Patrol Sergeant A district
    Dx2 - Patrol Sergeant B district
          x = shift number

    E - Patrol Lieutenants
         E1  1st shift
         E2  2nd shift
         E3  3rd shift

    F - Patrol Captains
         F1, F2

    G - Lucy Park patrol

    H - special detail officers

    I - Internal Affairs
         I1  Lt.

    J - Juvenile Unit
        J1  Juvenile Sgt.
        J10 - J12 Juvenile Officers

    K - Criminal Investigation Division
         K1  Lt.
         K2  Offenses Against Persons Sgt.
         K20 - K23  Offenses Against Persons Officers
         K3  Burglary/Felony Theft Sgt.
         K30 - K35  Burglary/Felony Theft Officers
         K4  Misdemeanor/Forgery Sgt.
         K40 - K45  Misdemeanor/Forgery Officers

    L - Identification Technicians

    M - Scuba Team
         M1  Lt.
         M10 - M14  Officers

    N - Neighborhood Watch units

    O - Chaplains
         O1  Duty Chaplain
         O2  back-up Chaplain
         O3  Chaplain Commander
         O4  Chaplain Deputy Commander

    P - aircraft

    Q - Administrative Services
         Q1  Capt.
         Q2  Lt.
         Q10  Crimestoppers Officer

    R - Training & Crimne Prevention
         R1  Sgt.
         R10 - R14  Officers
         R15  DARE Officer

    S - Staff (Chief & Division Commanders)
         S1  Chief
         S2  Field Services Div. Maj.
         S3  Support Services Div. Maj.
         S10  Technical Services Div. Maj.

    T - Traffic Section
         T1  Traffic Commander Lt.
         T2, T3  Motorcycle Sgts.
         T20 - T24, T30 - T34  Motorcycle Officers
         T4  Accident Investigation Sgt.
         T40, T41  On-Site Investigation Officers
         T50, T51  Hit & Run Follow-Up Officers
         T60  Escourts

    Uxxx - off duty Patrol Officers
           xxx = badge number

    V - Narcotics & Criminal Intelligence
         V1  Capt.
         V2  Sgt.
         V20 - V24  Officers

    W - SWAT Team
         W1  Lt.
         W2, W20  Sgts.
         W21 - W28  Officers
         W3  Negotiator Sgt.
         W30 - W32  Negotiator Officers
         W33  alternate Sgt.

    X - Tactical
         X1  Sgt.
         X10 - X14  Officers

    Y - Drug Task Force
         Y1  Sgt.
         Y10 - Y15  Officers

    Z - Risk Management & Emergency Management


Old Frequencies

These frequencies were used in the past.
460.2750465.2750RM127.3 PLWF Police Dept Ch 1 Records (before 2005)FM
460.3500465.3500RM127.3 PLWF Police Dept Ch 2 Primary (before 2005)FM
460.2250MCSQWF Police Dept Ch 3 Talkaround (before 2005)FM
460.3250MWF Police Dept NCI (before 2005)FM
460.4750MWF Police Dept SWAT Team (before 2005)FM
154.4300BMCSQWF Fire Dept Ch 1 Primary/station tone-out (before 1990)FM
154.3850BMCSQWF Fire Dept Ch 2 Fireground/HAZMAT (mid 1980s-1990)FM
154.4300B151.4 PLWF Fire Dept station tone-out (1990-2005)FM
460.6000465.6000RM151.4 PLWF Fire Dept Ch 1 Primary (1990-2005)FM
460.6000M151.4 PLWF Fire Dept Ch 2 Fireground (1990-2005)FM
460.6250M151.4 PLWF Fire Dept Ch 3 Fireground (1990-2005)FM
460.6250465.6250RM151.4 PLWF Fire Dept Ch 4 Secondary (1990-2005)FM
37.1800BMWF Emergency Management (before mid 1980's)FM
37.9000BMWF Emergency Management (before mid 1980's)FM
453.0000B141.3 PLWF EOC Warning Net (EOC/NWS/media/SAFB) (mid 1980's-early 1990's?)FM
153.5900BM CSQWF Water Utilities (before Dec 2012)FM
154.0250BM CSQWF Animal Control (before Dec 2012)FM
155.7600BM CSQWF Transit (before 2008) Traffic Engineering/Parks (before Dec 2012)FM
155.8650BMCSQWF Inspection (mid 1980's-1997?)FM
158.7600BMCSQWF Street Dept (before Dec 2012)FM
158.8200BMCSQWF Sanitation (before 2008?)FM
460.3500465.3500RM127.3 PLWF Sanitation (2008?-Dec 2012)FM
451.0875FWF Water SCADA (late 1980's-?)Data
462.9750467.9750RMPlumlee EMS (1980's before Lifeline EMS)FM
155.2200BMLifeline EMS (Mid 1980's licensed to city)FM
155.2350BMLifeline EMS (after mid 1980's before AMR EMS)FM
155.2800B110.9 PLHospital Net (Bethania/WGH/SAFB) (late 1980's-early 2000's?)FM
155.3400BMCSQAmbulance to hospital (late 1980's-early 2000's)FM
155.4000BMBethania Hospital security/plant opsFM
163.2500BBethania Hospital pagersFM
157.4500BWichita Falls Clinic pagersFM
462.8500BWichita General Hospital pagersFM
464.3750469.3750RMWichita General Hospital securityFM
418.9500416.2000RM156.7 PLDEA Ch 6 WF (before 2012?)FM
167.5125163.9375RM167.9 PLFBI WF (early 1990's? to 2012?)FM
163.9375167.5125RM167.9 PLFBI B3 WF (before early 1990's)FM
169.4500171.0750RM100.0 PLCBP NET 2 WF (before 09/2013)FM
41.0000BM150.0 PLTX Army Natl Guard WF (early 1980's)FM
410.1000FCSQNOAA/NWS 162.475 site link (before NWS office closed)FM
451.3250456.3250RM100.0 PLSouthwestern Bell Ch 1FM
451.4000MSouthwestern Bell Ch 16FM
48.4600BMLone Star Gas service centerFM
48.6600BMLone Star Gas pipeline opsFM
37.6200BMTexas Electric Service Co./TU Electric Ch 1 (before late 1980's)FM
37.7600BMTexas Electric Service Co./TU Electric Ch 2 (before late 1980's)FM
453.2000458.2000FTexas Electric Service Co./TU Electric 37.76 site linkFM
153.6500BMTexas Electric Service Co./TU Electric (late 1980's-early 1990's?)FM
453.2250458.2250FTexas Electric Service Co./TU Electric 153.65 site linkFM
153.4175158.1375RMTU Electric/TXU (early 1990's before EDACS)ACSSB
153.4625158.1975RMTU Electric/TXU (early 1990's before EDACS)ACSSB
153.5225158.2575RMTU Electric/TXU (early 1990's before EDACS)ACSSB

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