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Railway Mile Markers I found that many radio towers shown on FCC Licenses for train operators, include the railway "mile marker" as a part of the tower location. Here are a few I dug up in the Birmingham area

On Norfolk Southern line from Birmingham east to Atlanta
(the old Southern Railway line)near US 78

Mile Marker

790.29             Near Alton Road (between Irondale and Leeds)
781.8              8th St crossing (Downtown Leeds)
781.37             9th St crossing (Downtown Leeds)
780.44             Spruiell St crossing(East of Downtown Leeds)
776.59             Trails End (Brompton, near I-20 exit US78)
765.95             Wolf Creek Road crossing (Pell City)
764.15             19th St crossing (Pell City)
762.57             42nd St crossing (Pell City)
741.6              near Bynum

On Norfolk Southern line from Birmingham/Leeds southeast to Columbus Georgia  
(the old Central of Georgia line) near US 280 

Mile Marker

425.2               Moore St crossing (Leeds)
412                 Calcis (N of Vincent/Shelby county)
404.3               North of Childersburg
389.9               Near Sylacauga
380.7               North of Goodwater
367                 Near Alexander City
353.2               Near Jackson Gap
341.4               Near Camp Hill
327.4               Near Stonewell/The Bottlel (Lee County)
315.8               Near Royal City/Salem (Lee County)
301.9               Near Smiths Station

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