Adams County (PA) Law Enforcement ID's

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Adams County Law Enforcement & County Government - RIDs/UIDs

# Department Name Sta. RID # Vehicle Portable
1 Adams County Sheriff Department 101001 1011xx 1012xx
4 Bendersville Police Department 104001 1041xx 1042xx
5 Biglerville Police Department 105001 1051xx 1052xx
6 Bonneauville Police Department 106001 1061xx 1062xx
7 East Berlin Police Department 107001 1071xx 1072xx
9 Gettysburg Police Department 109001 1091xx 1092xx
11 McSherrystown Police Department 111001 1111xx 1112xx
14 Conewago Township Police Department 114001 1141xx 1142xx
15 Cumberland Township Police Department 115001 1151xx 1152xx
17 Reading Township Police Department 117001 1171xx 1172xx
18 Carroll Valley Police Department 118001 1181xx 1182xx
19 Littlestown Police Department 119001 1191xx 1192xx
32 Liberty Township Police Department 132001 1321xx 1322xx
41 Eastern Adams Regional Police Department 141001 1411xx 1412xx
42 Latimore Township Police Department 142001 1421xx 1422xx
5? Adams County Constables 15?1xx 15?2xx
61 Adams County Adult Corrections Center 161001&161002 1612xx
62 Adams County Children and Youth Services 1621xx 1622xx
63 Adams County Adult Probation 1631xx 1632xx
65 Adams County Drug Task Force 1652xx
66 Adams County Coroner Office 166001 1661xx 1662xx
68 Adams County Courthouse Security 1682xx
441 Adams County Emergency Management Agency 4411xx 4412xx
Definition list 
99% of the transmissions for the listed units are Encrypted.
Individually listed Law Enforcement Officer RIDs/UIDs are NOT on the Adams County Public Safety Radio IDs Page because of LEO Safety and/or being Encrypted.

UID's / RID's Yet to be Discovered

# Department Name
2 Abbottstown-Hamilton Twp
64 Adams County Juvenile Probation
67 State Parole
71 Humane Society
451 State Dog Enforcement (PA Dept of Agriculture)

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