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Agencies and Organizations serving Albemarle, Charlottesville, and UVA


Albemarle County surrounds or includes the city of Charlottesville, several towns, many named communities and neighborhoods, and is home to the Charlottesville Albemarle Airport (CHO). Charlottesville, the only city in Albemarle County, is located north of Interstate 64 and east of US Route 29. The business portions of US Route 250 and Route 29 wind their way through Charlottesville.

Using a combination of volunteer and career personnel, Charlottesville and Albemarle separately provide fire, rescue, and law enforcement services to their citizens. With property in both the city and county, the University of Virginia (UVA) has its own police department, security force, ambulance fleet, and is home to the Pegasus medevac helicopter. Piedmont Virginia Community College (PVCC) has its own police and security forces. All of these agencies work together regularly under mutual aid agreements.

Emergent 911-calls, and non-emergent service calls, are received by, and dispatched centrally from, the local Emergency Communications Center (CECC)[1], using the Charlottesville/Albemarle Trunked Radio System. The UVA Medical Center and Martha Jefferson Hospitals serve citizens in this and surrounding counties. UVA Medcom dispatches UVA's ambulance fleet and Pegasus. UVA Medic V (read as "Medic 5") ambulances primarily serve UVA medical facilities.[2] UVA Special Event Medical Management (SEMM) ambulances primarily provide standby support at special events involving large crowds.[3] Several area fire departments and rescue squads also provide standby support. Specialized teams, like the Technical Rescue Team, utilize a combination of personnel and resources from several agencies.[4] Other specialized fire and rescue teams, some agency-specific, include: Water Rescue Teams[5][6], Vehicle Rescue Teams[7], and Special Event Teams[8]. Several agencies are members of Virginia State EMS Task Force 2.[9]

In the city and county, the police departments handle patrol and traffic duties, whereas the sheriff departments handle civil matters, court duties, and prisoner transports. The sheriff departments regularly support the police on special assignments like selected traffic enforcement.[10] All of the above agencies, and the Virginia State Police, combine their efforts using a unified command structure[11][12] when an event involves large crowds, increased traffic, or requires a larger combined response. Specialized law-enforcement teams include: Tactical Teams, K-9 Teams, Firearms Teams, Surveillance Teams, Crisis Negotiations Teams, Forensics Teams, Accident Reconstruction Teams, and Search and Rescue Teams.[13][14] The multi-jurisdictional Jefferson Area Drug Enforcement (JADE) Task Force, which is administered by the Charlottesville Police Department, utilizes members and resources from many of the above law enforcement agencies, and can also include members of the Virginia State Police and federal agencies like the FBI and DEA as appropriate.[15]

The Albemarle, Charlottesville, and UVA communities are home to the U.S. Army's National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC), the U.S. Army's Judge Advocate General's Legal Center and School (TJAGLCS), part of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), a National Guard armory, and U.S. Army Reserve Advising Group. UVA is home to a Naval Reserve Officer's Training Corps (NROTC) Midshipment Battalion, the Army Reserve Officer's Training Corps (AROTC) Cavalier Battalion, and the Air Force Officer's Training Corps (AFROTC) Detachment 890.

Albemarle Amateur Radio Club (AARC) serves Charlottesville, Albemarle, and the UVA communities. Earning the Dayton Hamvention 2011 Club of the Year Award brought AARC recognition on a national and international level.[16][17] AARC membership includes leaders from several of the above emergency agencies. UVA regularly hosts the W4UVA Amateur Radio Club which encourages young amateur radio operators and recruits others into the world of amateur radio. AARC members maintain several local area repeaters[18], and amateur radio equipment at CECC and area hospitals for use during communication emergencies.

Fire/EMS/Rescue/ECC/EM Agencies

Radio ID
CFD Charlottesville Fire Department Ridget St Station 203 Ridge St
Station 1 345 250 Bypass
Station 10 2420 Fontaine Ave
CARS Charlottesville Albemarle Rescue Squad Rescue 1 McIntire Rd
ERVFC East Rivanna Volunteer Fire Company Station 2 Glenmore
NGVFC North Garden Volunteer Fire Company Station 3 North Garden
EVFC Earlysville Volunteer Fire Company Station 4 Earlysville
CVFD Crozet Volunteer Fire Department Station 5 Crozet
WARS Western Albemarle Rescue Squad Rescue 5 Crozet
SPVFC Stony Point Volunteer Fire Company Station 6 Stony Point
SVFC Scottsville Volunteer Fire Company Station 7 Scottsville
SVRS Scottsville Volunteer Rescue Squad Rescue 7 Scottsville
STVFD Seminole Trail Volunteer Fire Department Station 8 Berkmar Dr
CHOFR Charlottesville Albemarle Airport Fire Rescue Station 9 CHO Airport
Rivanna Station US Army "Rivanna Station" Rivanna Boulders Rd
EFR Earlysville Fire Rescue Rescue 4 (day shift) Earlysville
SPFR Stony Point Fire Rescue Rescue 6 (future) Stony Point
SFR Scottsville Fire Rescue Rescue 7 Scottsville
STFR Seminole Trail Fire Rescue Rescue 8 Berkmar Dr
MFR Monticello Fire Rescue Department Station 11, Rescue 11 Mill Creek
HFR Hollymead Fire Rescue Department Station 12, Rescue 12 near airport
IFR Ivy Fire Rescue Department Station 15, Rescue 15 Ivy
PFR Pantops Fire Rescue Department Station 16, Rescue 16 (future) Pantops
Rescue 16 (temporary) MJH ER Pantops
ACFR Albemarle County Fire Rescue Department Administration, Medic 19 5th St Extd
CECC Charlottesville Albemarle UVA Emergency Communications Center ECC or Base Ivy Rd
CEOC Emergency Operations Center (activated as needed) EOC Ivy Rd
EM Emergency Management EM Ivy Rd
CERT Community Emergency Response Team CERT Ivy Rd
TJMRC Thomas Jefferson Medical Reserve Corp MRC ?, Health Dept ? Rose Hill Dr
UVAMRC UVA Medical Reserve Corp
(A Chapter of TJMRC)
UVAMRC ? UVA Grounds
EM UVA Emergency Management UVA EM ? UVA Grounds
Fire UVA Fire Marshal UVA Fire Marshal UVA Grounds
MedCom UVA Medical Communications Center UVA MEDCOM UVA Hospital
Medic V UVA Medic V Ambulance Medic V UVA ER
MJH ER Proffit
NETS UVA Newborn Emergency Transport NETS UVA ER
Pegasus UVA Pegasus Helicopter Pegasus CHO airport
Pegasus Air
Pegasus Ground UVA ER
SEMM UVA Special Event Medical Management SEMM UVA ER, NorthRidge

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Fire/EMS/Rescue Apparatus

CFD Engine 1, Engine 5, Engine 7, Engine 10, Attack 1, Reserve Engine 4, Fire Medic 10, Truck 9, Tower 10, Hazmat 1
Chief 1, Chief 2, Battalion Chief (truck), Battalion Chief (SUV), Fire Marshal, Car 7, Car 10
ERV1, EMS1, Training 1, Command Trailer, Pumper 2 (1929 Seagrave), Nott Steamer (1904 Horse-drawn)
CARS Medic 140, Medic 141, Medic 142, Medic 143, Medic 144, Medic 145, Medic 146, Medic 147
Squad 133, Squad 134, Squad 135
Water Rescue 136, Boat 1, Boat 2, Boat 3, Kayak 1, Kayak 2, ?
Logistics 137, Collapse Trailer, Special Events Trailer, Gator 1
Car 130, Car 131, Car 132, Support 138, Car 139, Car 148, Car 149, OMD 6, OMD 8
ERVFC Attack 22, Engine 21, Engine 24, Brush 25, Tanker 26, Tanker 28, Tower 29, Car 20, Car 21, Car 22, Utility/Hose Trailer
NGVFC Engine 32, Engine 34, Tanker 37, Tanker 39, Utility 38, Brush 31, Brush 36, Car 30
EVFC Engine 41, Engine 45, Tanker 49, Brush 43, Brush 46, HazMat 47, Car 40, Car 42, Car 48
CVFD Engine 52, Engine 56, Engine 58, Truck 54, Tanker 59, Brush 53, Brush 55, Car 50, Car 51, Car 52, Utility 59
WARS Medic 501, Medic 502, Medic 503, Squad 505, Car 506, Car 507, Car 508, Water Rescue 509, Gator 5
SPVFC Engine 61, Engine 62, Tanker 69, Brush 63, Brush 64, Utility 65, Car 60, Car 61, Car 62
SVFC Engine 72, Engine 73, Tanker 77, Tanker 79, Brush 75, Utility 76, HazMat Trailer, Water Rescue 70, Car 70, Car 71, Car 72, EMS 70
SVRS Medic 703, Medic 705, Medic 706, Medic 707, Car 701, Car 702, Car 708, Trailer 711
STVFD Engine 81, Engine 82, Engine 85, Tower 88, Car 80, Car 82, Car 83, Car 89, Utility 86
CHO Airport 92, Airport 94, Airport 95 (sometimes the older "Phoenix 92 / 94 / 95" names are used over the air)
Rivanna Station Rivanna EMS 1
EFR Medic 4
SPFR Medic 6 (future)
SFR Medic 7
STFR Medic 8
MFR Medic 11, Engine 111, Squad 11, Tanker 111, Truck 115, Medic 112 (reserve), Car 111, Rehab 10
HFR Medic 12, Engine 121, Tanker 121, Tower 121, Car 121
IFR Medic 15, Engine 151, Chief 150
PFR Medic 16, Engine 161 (planned), ?
ACFR Chief 10, Chief 11, Chief 12, Chief 13, Battalion 11, Battalion 12, Battalion 13, Battalion 14
Fire Marshal 10, Fire Marshal 11, Fire Marshal 12, Fire Marshal 13, Training 10, Services 10, Services 11, Medic 17, Medic 18, Medic 19
Medic V Medic 3, Medic 4, Medic 5, Medic 6, Medic 7, Medic 8, Medic 11
Pegasus Helicopter Pegasus, Pegasus Air, Pegasus Ground
SEMM SEMM 1, SEMM 3, SEMM 4, SEMM 5, SEMM 6, SEMM 7, SEMM 8, SEMM 9, SEMM 11, SEMM 12, SEMM 14, SEMM 15, SEMM Gator
EM Emergency Management 3, ?
Fire UVA Fire Marshal, UVA2

References: NBC29 (PDF), WCAV, Daily Progress

Law Enforcement Agencies

Radio Prefix
Radio IDs or Numeric Range
Airport Police Airports 903, 905, 907, 908, 912
Albemarle Police AP 1-999
200's: SGTs, 1st SGTs
Sheriff SO 1-99
Scottsville Police Scottsville 1-4
Albemarle Charlottesville Regional Jail Jail ?
Charlottesville Police CP 1: Chief
13-32: Sergeants
300's: Detectives
Sheriff CS 1-99 ?
Piedmont Virginia Community College Police PVCC 212
UVA Police UP 1-99 ?
Security US or Security xxx ?
Virginia DGIF Conservation Police (Game Warden) GW (listed on agency website)
State Police VSP
Federal Alcoholic Beverage Control ABC (secure communications often used)
Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms ATF
Drug Enforcement Agency DEA
Federal Bureau of Investigations FBI
United States Marshals Office US

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