Allegan County (MI)

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Allegan County Government

Allegan County Sheriff

  • 9/12 FCC Application 0005407824 for Recon Scout Robot - 436.0-442.0, 442.0-448.0 .323 wt

Wayland (City)

National interop Fireground frequencies

Range to hear these is ~1 mile since they are not on a repeater.

851.51250 	156.7 PL	8TAC91/91D Fireground Operations 8TAC91/91D FM  Fire-Tac 
852.01250 	156.7 PL	8TAC92D	Fireground Operations 8TAC92D 	FM 	Fire-Tac 
852.51250 	156.7 PL	8TAC93D	Fireground Operations 8TAC93D 	FM 	Fire-Tac 
853.01250 	156.7 PL	8TAC94D	Fireground Operations 8TAC94D 	FM 	Fire-Tac 

Allegan County Fire Departments

All fire/rescue departments that are listed below are now dispatched on the MPSCS. The 154.325 and 155.550 repeaters are still operational. The countywide siren system is reportedly still activated over VHF. One set of tone activates the Eastern sirens and the other half is the Western half.

A few fire departments conduct some tactical and administrative communications on their individually licensed frequencies in addition to their tactical talk groups. Departments which provide mutual aid to surrounding counties may also continue to have mobile or hand held VHF equipment.

Fire East Talk Group

Department number precedes the name.

  • (1) Allegan Fire District
  • (3) Dorr Township
  • (23) Gunplain Township
  • (24) Gobles - Pine Grove (Fire protection in Trowbridge Township)
  • (4) Hopkins Township and Village
  • (13) Leighton Township
  • (12) Martin Township and Village
  • (14) Otsego City and Township
  • (16) Plainwell City
  • (17) Salem Township
  • (19) Wayland City and Township

Fire West Talk Group

Department number precedes the name.

  • (2) Clyde Township
  • (5) Fennville City
  • (6) Ganges Township
  • (7) Graafschap area/Laketown Township
  • (8) Hamilton area/Heath Township
  • (10) Lee Township
  • (15) Overisel Township
  • (21) Saugatuck City and Township, includes city of Douglas

Other 154.205

These departments use the Van Buren County unit numbering scheme.

  • (22) South Haven
  • Casco Township receives fire protection from the city of South Haven. Several years ago they merged their fire department into the South Haven department. The Casco Township stations are active, but are no longer an independent department.
  • (26) Bloomingdale
  • Bloomingdale Fire Department provides fire protection for a portion of Cheshire Township.


  • KVM472 add 159.2925 for Mobile Extenders (NFM)

Codes and Unit Lists

Fire / EMS Unit Numbers

All Fire department units refer to themselves by the department name or department number and then a unit number.

  • x01-x09 are Command officers, starting with the Chief at x01
  • 10-19 Engines
  • 20-29 Utility Vehicles
  • 30-39 Brush/Grass Trucks
  • 40-49 Tankers/Tenders
  • 50-59 Ladder/Quints/Squirts/Towers
  • 60-69 Rescue Trucks
  • 70-79 Command Vehicles
  • 80-99 No specific designation

Individual firefighters usually have a three digit designator which does not begin with a 1 or a 9. Some departments still retain two digit designators.

EMS units typically have both 800MHz and VHF radios.

  • 901-903 Life EMS (Allegan)
  • 950-956 Wayland EMS
  • 961-963 Plainwell EMS
  • 933 American Medical Response (Fennville)



Law Enforcement

PD Unit #'s

Municipal PD

  • 2XX - Allegan City Police
  • 3XX - Wayland Police
  • 4XX - Saugatuck/Douglas Police
  • 5XX - Hopkins Police
  • 6XX - Plainwell Department of Public Safety
  • 7XX - Otsego Police
  • 8xx - Tribal Police
  • 9xx - Fennville Police

Allegan County Sheriff's Office

  • Patrol Units are Adam, Baker, Charlie, and David followed by a unit number (i.e. Charlie 5)
  • K-9 Units are start with a K and followed by a number (K9-5)
  • Marine Units start with Lincoln and followed by a number (Lincoln-5)
  • Sergeants are Victor Units (Victor 4)
  • Lt's and Detectives are X-Ray Units (X-Ray 3)
  • Reserves are Robert Units (Robert 16)
  • 52XX are Michigan State Police units from the Wayland post

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