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Alleghany County Information

Alleghany County as well as the city of Clifton Forge and Covington have switched over to a P25 Phase II radio system. All LE, Fire and EMS now operate on this system. None of the old analog frequencies are still used in any manner with the exception of Westvaco Rescue. They still use the analog frequencies as well as having talk groups on the new system. They rarely use the new system.

The City of Covington Public Works Dept. operates on this system.

Alleghany County Public schools operate on this system mostly although some in school comms are still on analog radio simplex.

Covington is still using their analog system for school buses.


Fire/EMS with the exception of the Medical comm channel with ARH is in the clear as of 11/07/2021

So far there does not seem to be any mutual aid or other agency patches present on this system like there is in Rockbridge.

Sometimes traffic from Rockbridge is carried on this system as well as sometimes there is traffic from Alleghany carried on their system.

It is an areawide Simulcast system and so far it works well on a 996P2 mobile, and 536 base scanner.

Codes/Units/Station Lists

Alleghany County has fully transitioned to a P25 Phase II radio system and all fire communications including Dispatch, Operations channels and helicopter channels are on this system.

Covington Fire/EMS is also on this system. Medical comms with ARH are now fully encrypted and the Med 10 channel is no longer used by Alleghany Medics.

Westvaco has talk groups on this system but rarely uses them. They are still dispatching on the old analog channels for some reason.

Company 1 - Iron Gate

Company 1 also provides transport emergency medical services.

  • Wagon 1
  • Engine 1
  • Tanker 1
  • Truck 1
  • Ambulance 10
  • Ambulance 11

Company 2/Rescue 1 - Clifton Forge

Rescue 1 covers calls in Clifton Forge, Iron Gate, Selma, Sharon, and Valley Ridge area and all areas east of about the 17 MM on I-64. Company 2 is dispatched on all Rescue 1 calls in the Town of Clifton Forge.

Rescue 1

Clifton Forge Crash 14 Clifton Forge Rescue 15 Clifton Forge Rescue 16 Clifton Forge Rescue 17 Clifton Forge Support 1

Company 2

Clifton Forge Utility 20 Clifton Forge Utility 21 Clifton Forge Engine 2 Clifton Forge Engine 24 Clifton Forge Ladder 2 Clifton Forge Car 2

Station 3 - Covington

Covington has two fire stations. Company 3

Covington Brush 3 Covington Utility 3 Covington Engine 3 Covington Pumper 3 Covington Tanker 3 Covington Support 3 Covington Truck 3

Rescue 3

Covington Response 3 Covington Rescue 35 Covington Rescue 36 Covington Rescue 37 Covington Crash 39

Station 4 - WestRock

Station 4 primarily covers the WestRock paper mill, but also provides backup to Covington and the surrounding area.

Station 5 - Boiling Springs

Boiling Springs has two fire stations.

Station 6 - Dunlap

Dunlap has two fire stations.

  • Engine 6
  • Pumper 6
  • Squad 6
  • Brush 6
  • Utility 61
  • Ambulance 62
  • Brush 63
  • Tanker 64
  • Ambulance 65
  • Ambulance 67
  • Tanker 68

Station 7 - Falling Spring

  • Pumper 7
  • Tanker 7
  • Squad 7
  • Rescue 74

Company 8 - Sharon

Sharon has two fire stations. Company 8 provides non-transport emergency medical services.

  • Tanker 8
  • Engine 80
  • Attack 81
  • Engine 82
  • Brush 83
  • Engine 84
  • Utility 85
  • Rescue 87
  • Support 8

Company 9 - Selma

Company 9 provides non-transport emergency medical services.

  • Brush 9
  • Engine 90
  • Engine 91
  • Utility 92
  • Engine 93
  • HazMat 94

Alleghany County Sheriff Information

  • Alleghany County Sheriff, City of Covington and Town of Clifton Forge Police have now transitioned to a P25 Phase II system and all LE communications are fully encrypted.

The P25 Phase II system is fully operational and none of the analog frequencies are in use in any capacity.

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