Allen County (IN) Radio IDs

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System Notes

Allen County makes minimal use of SAFE-T in all respects as it maintains its own trunked radio system, Allen County Public Safety. SAFE-T is the tertiary system to fall back to if both ACPS and the Allen County Government Services TRS are out of service. The Three Rivers Ambulance Authority (TRAA) makes use of SAFE-T when patient transports require it to go out of range of ACPS.

As of February 2, 2014, many agencies have been migrated to a new APCO-25 system in which most or all Talk Groups are operating with encryption. It was observed that many stations' RIDs changed in the weeks preceding the migration, making some of these blocks below inaccurate.

Radio ID Ranges

01000Dispatch All-Call Users (Multi-Call Analog)
10012000AC Confinement Officers
2500025999ACPD, AC Confinement Officers and Jail Vans, Airport PD, NHPD
2600026999FWPD, IPFW PD
2700027999NHPD, ACFD bases in New Haven
3200032099Guest Agencies (ISP)
3210035299Various (TRAA, Airport PD, FWFD)
4000041999Dispatch (Consolidated)