American Electric Power P25 - 1F8 - AEP Texas Site Research

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WACN:  92715
SysID:  1F8

SiteID  ContChan          City (County)                   Callsign                                   #
13.13   854.7875        # Port Lavaca,Geo West or 3 Riv # WPMD397 or WQBP323                         # NEEDS CONFIRMED
25.25   854.8125        # likely Aspermont              # WPCB218 loc-3 ; neighbor of 65.65, 97.97   # NEEDS CONFIRMED
43.43   854.9375        # Refugio TX (Refugio)          # WPCB258                                    # online 05-28-2021
55.55   856.2875        # Abilene TX (Taylor)           # WPCB210                                    # online 08-22-2020
57.57   855.0625        # Tradewinds TX (San Patricio)  # WPIQ556                                    # online 04-25-2021
65.65   854.6625        # Rule TX (Haskell)             # WRKC328                                    # online 05-25-2021
87.87   855.3375        # W. Corpus Christi TX (Nueces) # WPCN224                                    # online 08-26-2020
88.88   855.9375        # Matador TX (Motley)           # WRMP502        neighbor of 93.93           # NEEDS CONFIRMED
93.93   854.8125        # Qhanah TX (Hardeman)          # WRMP753                                    # online 06-04-2021
97.97   856.4125        # Rotan TX (Fisher)             # WPCB218                                    # online 05-25-2021
103.103 854.0875        # Wellington TX (Collingsworth) # WRKB224                                    # online 03-16-2021
104.104 854.2125        # Woodson TX (Throckmorton)     # WRKB223                                    # online 05-03-2021

Site needing confirmed needs primary and alt/secondary CCs, peer/neighbor list and freqs associated with each peer.

Should be submitted to the database at .

And if you confirm a site, please consider making a post in the following thread:


between April 2021 and August 2021

Texas Subregion TCC2 (21 sites)
Ajo TS				pending		Sarita TX (Kenedy)
Alice SC TS			WPMG831		Alice TX (Wells)
Bay City SC TS			WQUD806		Bay City TX (Matagorda)
Beeville TS			WPCN236		Beeville TX (Bee)
Bishop LMR TS			WPCB285		Bishop TX (Nueces)
Capote TS			WPCB278		Leesville TX (Gonzales)
Carancahua TS			WPCB286		Palacios TX (Jackson)
Coleto Creek TS			WPCB290		Fannin TX (Goliad)
Corpus Christi Home Office	WPCN224		Corpus Christi TX (Nueces)
Edna TS				pending		Edna TX (Jackson)
El Campo TS			WREP260		El Campo TX (Wharton)
Falfurrias TS			WPFW719		Falfurrias TX (Brooks)
Fashing TS			WPCN240		Karnes City TX (Atascosa)
Glidden TS			WPCN232		Welmar TX (Colorado)
Green Lake TS			WPMD397		Port Lavaca TX (Calhoun)
Kenedy LMR TS			WPCB270		Kenedy TX (Karnes)
Live Oak LMR TS			WQBP323		George West TX (Live Oak)
Lon Hill TS			WPCN224		Corpus Christi TX (Nueces)
Refugio TS			WPCB258		Refugio TX (Refugio)
Tradewinds TS			WPIQ556		Tradewinds TX (San Patricio)
Yorktown TS			WRKB221		Cuero TX (DeWitt)

Texas Subregion TNC3 (13 sites)
Balmorhea LMR TS		WQVM371		Balmorhea TX (Reeves)
Barnhart TS			WQCF284		Barnhart TX (Irion)
Best TS				KNNK722		Best TX (Reagan)
Bullfrog Mtn TS			WPCB214		Alpine TX (Brewster)
Cienega Peak TS			WPCB279		Marfa TX (Presidio)
Ft Davis LMR TS			WPKL367		Ft Davis TX (Jeff Davis)
Ft Stockton TS			WPCB297		Ft Stockton TX (Pecos)
Iraan LMR TS			WPJT369		Iraan TX (Crockett)
Marfa TS			WPCN209		Marfa TX (Presidio)
McCamey TS			WPIZ577		McCamey TX (Upton)
Ozona TS			WPCM989		Ozona TX (Crockett)
Presidio TS			WRDW851		Presidio TX (Presidio)
Sonora TS			WPCB255		Sonora TX (Sutton)

Unknown Talkgroups on 1F8

7237 seen on site 97
7700 seen on site 97