Atchison County (MO)

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Atchison County Government

  • Water Commission - 151.67 Fixed/Mobiles for Water Data / Ops (NFM/Data) WQSI789
  • Water Commission - 173.2625 Fixed/Mobiles for Water Data/Ops WQSJ408 modified from 151.57 3/23

Atchison County Sheriff

  • "Atchison County" is ID used on air by sheriff's office
  • "Atchison County Central" or "AC Central" is ID used on air by 911 center
  • Also uses MO statewide Sheriff Net & law enforcement point to point channels

EMS Agencies / Hospitals

Atchison-Holt Ambulance District

  • AHAD = Atchison-Holt Ambulance District (shared between both counties)

Community Hospital Association (Fairfax)

Municipalities and Districts


Rock Port


Codes, Unit Lists, Pager Tones

Fire/EMS Pager Tones


Rockport R2 School District

Tarkio R1 School District


  • Amthor Farms 154.625 Base/Mobile (Tarkio) WNSF544
  • Fertilizer Service Co 152.975 Base/Mobile (NFM at Fairfox) WQPK999
  • Herron Farms 159.7125 Base/Mobile (NFM at Rock Port) WQLL824
  • Houghton Farms 151.565 Base/Mobile (NFM at Tarkio) WYX609
  • Irvine Farms 153.050 Base/Mobile (NFM at Tarkio) WQPG499
  • MO Valley Ag Service 154.54 Base/Mobile (NFM at Rock Port) WNQF871
  • MO Valley Ag Service 159.57 Base/Mobile (NFM at Rock Port) WPJG672
  • P&D Cooper Farms 159.675 Repeater with 151.6025 input (8K/NFM Fairfax) WQQT502
  • Peeler Farms 159.615 Base/Mobile (NFM at Rock Port) WQFQ921
  • Ports Farms 152.885 Base/Mobile (NFM at Fairfax) WNIT606
  • Smith Farms 151.9025 Base/Mobile (NFM at Fairfax) WQPV549
  • Umbar Corporation 159.7425 Base/Mobile (NFM at Fairfax) WQNT922


  • Tarkio Golf Club - 20-2W portables on 462.4375, 467.4375 (NFM Voice/Data) {{Callsign|)) 10/23 FCC Application 0010733544

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