Attractions Genesee County (NY)

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Darien Lake Theme Park

This major theme park is located in Genesee County and is easily found from Exit 48A of the New York State Thruway. The park uses a number of radio codes specific to park operation as well as a limited number of 10-codes.

Radio units are split into numbered groups based on department:

  • 100's - Administrative
  • 200's - Operations
  • 300's & 400's - Revenue/Food Services
  • 500's - Security
  • 600's - Safety, LP, and Medical
  • 700's - Hotel/Campgrounds
  • 800's - Marketing/Sales
  • 900's - Maintenance

Divisions are further divided within these departments.

Medical coverage for the park is provided by park staff who respond to medical emergencies on foot, using golf carts or aboard the Darien Lake Theme Park ambulances (DL-1 & DL-2). When a visitor needs transportation to a hospital, they are either transported by one of these ambulances or Darien EMS.

Fire emergencies are covered by the Darien Fire Department. Situations that require police services can be handled by the Genesee County Sheriff's Department or by New York State Police Troop A.

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