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Tested here with Ubuntu 15.10 but also a MAC version available


This is a cross platform Uniden application from 2010, still works very well in 2016 as a virtual control panel and very easy to set up. No advanced features like importing from RR or call logging. Frequency list uploads and downloads work fine. The lists are csv format and require LibreOffice Calc or some other spreadsheet application.

Minor Bug

It was noticed that after file uploads to the scanner the file would get saved with the frequencies missing their decimal point. You would need to edit the file replacing the decimal :point before the next upload.


Install from your Ubuntu Package Manager:
  • bwidget (Extension widgets for Tcl/Tk)
  • tcl (Tool Command Language- shell)

Download Location
Select File: (For Linux)


Extract the downloaded file and open the included readme_FIRST.txt for installation instructions.

Uniden Compatable Models

BC346XT, BCT15X, BCD396XT & BCD996XT

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