BE-Belt Sub

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  • CSX Belt Subdivision operates on 160.8000 mhz
  • Controlled by the NG Dispatcher on 160.9500 mhz
  • Located between Buffalo,NY and Kenmore,NY (7.2 miles)
  • Double Track Subdivision
  • The whole subdivision is governed by Automatic Block Signalling with the exception of the Control Points which are governed by Control Point Signals
  • There are 2 Defect Detectors
  • Coordinates are exact locations

  • Begin of CSX Belt Sub/End of CSX Buffalo Terminal Sub
  • Control Point 437 - Milepost QC437.2/QDB0.0
  • Frontier Yard (Buffalo,NY) High Car Detector - Milepost QDB0.1 (KNNL266) (42.887564/-78.832025)
  • Control Point T - Milepost QDB0.7
  • Frontier Yard (Buffalo,NY)
  • Control Point SYCAMORE - Milepost QDB1.2
  • Box Avenue (Buffalo,NY) - Milepost QDB1.97
  • Colvin Avenue (Buffalo,NY) Defect Detector - Milepost QDB5.0 (KNNL266) (42.943855/-78.856552)
  • Elmwood Avenue (Buffalo,NY) - Milepost QDB6.14
  • Control Point I - Milepost QDB6.9
  • Control Point 7 - Milepost QDB7.2 (Wye to the CSX Niagara Sub)
  • Control Point 8 - Milepost QDB7.2 (Wye to CN Black Rock Sub)
  • End of CSX Belt Sub/Begin of CSX Niagara Sub

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