BI-Baldwinsville Sub

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  • CSX Baldwinsville Subdivision operates on 161.0700 mhz
  • Controlled by the NF Dispatcher on 160.5600 mhz
  • Located between Syracuse,NY and Oswego,NY (20.2 miles)
  • Single Track Subdivision
  • There are no Defect Detectors
  • Track is out of service between QCB21.4 and QCB34.7; NY-48 crossing @ QCB13 removed, track north of this point presumed OOS
  • Gauge disconnected outside Fulton city limit, nearest x-street of Curtis St; rails intermittently removed within city, railbed mostly intact
  • The whole Subdivision is governed by Track Warrant Control

  • Begin of CSX Baldwinsville Sub/End of CSX Fair Grounds Sub
  • Control Point SALT - Milepost QCB1.9
  • Stiles (NY) - Milepost QCB4.8
  • Seneca River Thru Truss Bridge - Milepost QCB7.6
  • Control Point WINS - Milepost QCB8.5
  • Baldwinsville,NY - Milepost QCB9.2
  • Radisson (NY) Yard - Milepost QCB10.5
  • Control Point RADIS - Milepost QCB11.0 - presumed end of usable gauge - multiple crossings removed north of this point
  • Fulton,NY End of remaining gauge - Milepost QCB19.6
  • Fulton,NY - Milepost QCB21.0
  • Fulton Runaround Track - Milepost QCB21.2
  • Control Point HAWK - Milepost QCB22.1
  • Control Point OSWEGO - Milepost QCB30.0
  • Oswego,NY Tank Farm - Milepost QCB33.4
  • END OF TRACK - Milepost QCB34.7

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