Beale Air Force Base (BAB) Yuba County (CA)

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General Information

Beale Air Force Base (Beale AFB) is a United States Air Force base located approximately 8 miles (13 km) east of Marysville, California.

The host unit at Beale is the 9th Reconnaissance Wing (9 RW) assigned to the Air Combat Command and part of Twelfth Air Force. The 9 RW collects intelligence essential for Presidential and Congressional decisions critical to the national defense. To accomplish this mission, the wing is equipped with the nation's fleet of U-2 Dragon Lady, RQ-4 Global Hawk unmanned aircraft, and associated support equipment. The wing also uses the T-38 Talon for proficiency flight training.

The 940th Air Refueling Wing (940 ARW) is a tenant Air Force Reserve Command wing at Beale AFB flying the KC-135 Stratotanker and operationally-gained by the Air Mobility Command (AMC).

Beale AFB was established in 1942 as Camp Beale and is named for Edward Fitzgerald Beale (1822–1893), an American Navy Lieutenant and a Brigadier General in the California Militia who was an explorer and frontiersman in California. It became a United States Air Force base on 1 April 1951.


  • Pinon U-2 Dragon Lady

Pinion 10-19 - Flybys/Air Shows
Pinion 20-29 - Functional Flight Check & Operational Test and Eval
Pinion 50-59 - Continuation Training (low)
Pinion 60-69 - Student Training (low)
Pinion 70-79 - Student Training (high)
Pinion 90-99 - Continuation Training (high)

  • Roper T-38 Talon

Roper 10 - Out & Back Training (O&BT) (Single Ship)
Roper 11-19 - First block of sorties scheduled daily (Single Ship)
Roper 21-29 - Second block of sorties scheduled daily (Single Ship)
Roper 31-39 - Third block of sorties scheduled daily (Single Ship)
Roper 41-49 - Off-Station Training (OST) (Single Ship)

  • Onyx T-38 Talon

Onyx 10 - T38 Out & Back training (O&BT) (Single ship)
Onyx 11-19 - T38 First Go (Formation)
Onyx 21-29 - T38 Second Go (formation)
Onyx 31-39 - T38 Third Go (formation)
Onyx 41-49 - T-38 Off Station Training (OST) (Formation)

  • Slate T-38 Talon

SLATE 11-19 - T38 First Go (Formation)
SLATE 21-29 - T38 Second Go (Formation)
SLATE 31-39 - T-38 Third Go (Formation)

  • Hawk RQ-4 Global Hawk

Hawk 10-19 - Local Global Hawk Sorties

  • Grizzly KC-135 Stratotanker

GRIZZLY 01 - 940 Air Refueling Wing Commander
GRIZZLY 02 - 940 Air Refueling Wing Vice Commander
GRIZZLY 03 - 940 Operations Group Commander
GRIZZLY 41-49 - Local Sorties
GRIZZLY 51-59 - Formation Sorties
GRIZZLY 61-69 - Flight Examinations (Formations Included)


EUREKA 71-79 - "Reserved/Other"
EUREKA 81-89 - Off-Station CONUS sorties
EUREKA 91-99 - Off-Station OCONUS sorties

  • REACH Mobility Command Flights/Higher Headquarter/Tanker/Airlift
  • Hawkeye

Mobile unit responsible for doing pilot-in-command tasks on ground, (Engine Start, Taxi, Liftoff, Landing, etc) Literally, Hawk's eyes on the ground, hence Hawkeye.

  • Foxtrot

940 Air Refuel Wing Supervisor of Flight

  • Other Callsigns Heard

KC-135 - TAHOE, TAHOE CONTROL (940th ARW Command Post)


Airfield Operations

  • 124.55000 ATIS VHF
  • 273.50000 ATIS UHF
  • 121.60000 Ground VHF
  • 257.75000 Ground UHF
  • 119.40000 Tower VHF
  • 284.75000 Tower UHF

Base Operations

  • 139.60000 Supervisor of Flight VHF
  • 240.22500 Supervisor of Flight UHF
  • 141.10000 Pilot to Dispatcher VHF
  • 372.20000 Pilot to Dispatcher UHF
  • 139.90000 Air Boss
  • 239.80000 Pilot to Metro
  • 269.60000 Emergency Discrete
  • 321.00000 Wing Command Post
  • 256.02500 940th Wing Command Post (Tahoe Control)
  • 253.20000 MC-12 Operations (Liberty Ops) (Possibly Depreciated, MC-12 no longer flying out of Beale)


  • 243.50000 T-38 air-air
  • 283.80000 U-2 discrete
  • 296.70000 Oakland Center high altitude freq (FL 600 and above)


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