Belknap County (NH)

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Belknap County Map

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Law Enforcement Unit IDs

  • Sheriff Dispatch includes town police departments for most towns in the county.
ID Description
01-29 Belknap County Sheriff Deputies
80-99 Barnstead
100-149 Alton
150-199 Sanbornton
200-299 Belmont
300-399 Gilford (not dispatched on County Dispatch)
400-449 New Hampton
450-499 Center Harbor
500-599 Meredith (dispatched on Sheriff Dispatch from 12:00am to 8:00am)
600-699 Gilmanton
700-799 Tilton (not dispatched on County Dispatch)
800-849 Northfield (in Merrimack County but dispatched by Belknap County)
900-999 Laconia Police (not dispatched on County Dispatch)

  • The numbering system, using Alton as an example:
ID Description
100 Alton Police Station
101 Alton Police Chief
102 Alton Police lieutenant
103 Alton Police Day Sargent
104 Alton Police Night Sargent
105-149 Alton Police Officers (highest number actually much lower than 149)

Lakes Region Mutual Fire Aid Station Numbers

Station No. Location
1 Alton
3 Belmont
5 Center Harbor
6 Barnstead
8 Gilford
9 Gilmanton
13 Laconia
14 Meredith
17 New Hampton
19 Sanbornton
21 Tilton-Northfield

Lakes Region Apparatus IDs

  • Ambulance - A unit designed and licensed to transport patients.
  • Boat - A watercraft operated by a member department.
  • C - An officer or member, having command authority.
  • Car - A vehicle used primarily for transporting personnel, communications equipment or other equipment used to support fireground operations.
  • Engine - Firefighting apparatus equipped with a fire pump of at least 750 GPM capacity and carrying not less than 500 gallons of water.
  • Forestry - A vehicle which is primarily used in grass, brush or forest fire suppression.
  • Ladder - Firefighting apparatus equipped with an aerial ladder, elevating platform, tower or snorkel.
  • Portable - A portable radio.
  • Rescue - A vehicle used primarily to transport equipment and/or manpower for the purpose of removal or extrication of victims requiring fire department assistance.
  • Tanker - Firefighting apparatus used primarily for hauling water, with or without a fixed fire pump, and carrying more than 1,000 gallons of water.
  • Tower - Firefighting apparatus equipped with an elevating platform, tower or snorkel.
  • Utility - Firefighting apparatus not categorized by another letter designation used to provide support services.
  • Warden - An individual designated by the state as a Warden, Deputy Warden or Special Deputy Warden.

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