Beltrami County (MN)

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Law Enforcement Agencies

Law Enforcement Radio IDs

Fire Departments


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Emergency Medical Services


ARMER Migration


  • Status - Limited Participation. Primary Communication will be P25 VHF.
  • Sites and Status:
Site ID Site Name Status Lat. Long.
6-078 Hines ARMEROA.jpg 47:41:31.6 94:37:41.5
6-079 Island Lake ARMEREV.jpg 47:45:04.8 95:01:27.8
6-080 Bemidji Fire Tower ARMEROA.jpg 47:28:12.6 94:49:18.3
6-081 Suam ARMERCO.jpg 47:58:30.1 94:40:30.1
6-082 Thorhult ARMERFR.jpg 48:13:42.5 95:14:35.7
6-083 Waskish ARMERCO.jpg 48:11:56.5 94:28:38.2
6-084 Red Lake ARMERP.jpg 48:13:47.8 95:50:50.7