Benton County (MO)

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Benton County Government

  • KNDT222 - 6/12 deleted 154.085R.
  • Health Department - WQMF437 158.7825 BM (NFM Warsaw)
  • Emergency Management - WQPD407 - 151.25 Repeater with 151.55 input (NFM Warsaw)

Sheriff's Department

unidentified usage frequencies

  • 155.77500 WQM683 BM Bntn SD Old Sheriff FMN
  • 453.03750 WQM683 M Bntn SD RF 1 Remote Links for Sheriff
  • 453.08750 WQM683 M Bntn SD RF 2 Remote Links for Sheriff
  • 453.13750 WQM683 M Bntn SD RF 3 Remote Links for Sheriff
  • 453.88750 WQM683 M Bntn SD RF 4 Remote Links for Sheriff
  • 458.03750 WQM683 M Bntn SD RF 5 Remote Links for Sheriff
  • 458.08750 WQM683 M Bntn SD RF 6 Remote Links for Sheriff
  • 458.13750 WQM683 M Bntn SD RF 7 Remote Links for Sheriff
  • 458.88750 WQM683 M Bntn SD RF 8 Remote Links for Sheriff

Municipalities and Districts

Cole Camp

Cole Camp Community Ambulance District

Cole Turkey Acres

Osage Valley Fire Department

Deer Creek Township

Deer Creek Fire Protection District

  • WQTM419 - 3/14 151.0025 Repeater with 159.075 input (NFM at Edwards)

Lakeview Heights

Lakeview Heights Fire Protection District


Lincoln Community Fire District

  • Unit #'s: 3400s (3455)


Warsaw Lincoln Ambulance District Warsaw Fire District

  • Ch.4 - Note heard radio traffic indicating that this was a link frequency to be used when they are in a specific area, but did not catch to location.

EMS Agencies and Hospitals

Codes, Unit Lists, Pager Tones


Benton County E-911 Dispatch	1049001

Fire/EMS Pager Tones

Schools and Colleges

Benton County R1 School District

  • WQPG514 - 152.405 Repeater with 157.665 (NFM at ColeCamp)


  • Dockery Trash Disposal 152.435 Repeater with 153.275 input (11K at Warsaw) WPMU409

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