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Applying To Broadcast A Feed


Before you decide to become a feed provider, please read the entire article for various policy and procedure guidelines. Following these feed request guidelines as this will help us process and approve your feed request in a timely manner. A feed request lacking a good feed description and other information may result in us having to go back to you asking for more information, clarification of what you what to stream, etc. This will result in a delay in approving your feed request or denial of the stream request.

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Avoid duplicate feeds

Please check the existing county listings in your state before you decide to become a feed provider. Look at what is already there because we want to avoid complete duplication of existing feeds.

If there is an existing stream in your county for “Home County Sheriff and Fire”, please do not request another matching feed. However you could request a feed for “Home City Police and Fire (also includes Home County Sheriff and Fire). This is at least a different feed.

Look at other feed listings

Please look at the many other feed listings and what others are scanning. This will aid you in choosing what to scan and how to list it.

Use proper spelling etiquette and sentence structure

Nothing would look more embarrassing than having a feed with incorrect grammar.

PLEASE follow these guidelines when submitting a feed application or replying to Audio Admins:

  • Pay attention to your Spelling, Punctuation, and Capitalization. Please use proper sentence structure in all correspondence.
  • Use proper sentence structure and do not submit feed requests in either all upper or lower case.
  • If we send you an e-mail asking you for more feed information, use the "Reply" feature. Please do not send the requested information in a separate e-mail.

Include details in the feed information page

Please include the following in your feed information page:

  • List all agencies on the feed.
  • List the Frequencies/Talkgroups/Channels the agencies use.

Note: The more info you provide the faster your feed will be approved.

Feed Provider Incentives

We provide incentives to feed providers based on listener counts. See the following article below for the latest incentives and rules.

Feed Provider Incentives

Feed Provider Terms of Service

There are restrictions on broadcast content that all feed providers must adhere to. They are listed on the feed provider terms of service page:

Feed Provider Terms of Service

Feed Notification Settings

Time Down      Action
15 min         Email Notification to Feed Owner
6 Hours        Email Notification to Feed Owner
24 Hours       Email Notification to Feed Owner
7 days         Email Notification to Feed Owner
14 days        Email notification and feed deactivated.
21 days        Feed deleted. 
  • NOTE: Feed must be online to receive premium subscriber status
  • NOTE: If prior arrangements are made with the Live Audio Administration staff we can prevent a feed from being deleted if it needs extended downtime.
  • NOTE: Feed Owner will also receive an Email Notification when feed goes back online.

Feed Status Messages (Feed Owners)

The audio administration team has noticed that feed broadcasters have been using their feed status message to communicate all sorts of information, including soliciting donations, promoting other Web sites, showing Feed hours of operation or any feed online / back online messages, Advertisements, Links, and providing descriptive information on what is being broadcast.

Types of status messages which are NOT allowed

  • Soliciting Donations
  • Promoting other Web sites
  • Providing descriptive information on what is being broadcast(Use "Secondary Description" field)
  • Feed hours of operation or any feed online / back online type of messages. (If the feed is working, there is no need of a message.)
  • Advertisements
  • Links
  • Other

The feed status message was designed to give listeners the status of a feed that is either down or having problems. We request that any other information regarding your feed either be placed in the description of your feed or be moved to your feed information page.

Below is an example of the proper use of the feed status message:


Request A Feed Change (Feed Owners)

If you need something changed about your feed or have a problem, please use the Help Tab your feed owner's page, DO NOT use the "Report A Problem" Feedproblem.jpg button to request a feed change.

The "Report A Problem" Feedproblem.jpg button should only be used by people listening to your feed that are reporting a problem to you (the feed owner).

When requesting a feed change please do not use abbreviations, instead please spell out the entire word. Please keep change requests brief but specific as possible.

Legal Issues

It is the responsibility of the feed provider to determine whether or not the laws in their jurisdiction permit the rebroadcast of the audio content provided in the feed. Laws on this matter vary from country to country, state to state, city to city. If in doubt, consult an attorney.

Recent incidents regarding legality of Live Audio Feeds from Radio Reference:

RR Live Audio Policy

Use of the "Secondary Description" field

The purpose of this field is to provide additional descriptive details about what your feed is broadcasting. The RR Staff reserves the right to edit and update this field to comply with this policy. No Ads, no HTML. (Max 255 characters, text only)

Use of the "Breaking News and Feed Alerts" field

Please use this field ONLY to alert the Live Audio community to a breaking incident or noteworthy event happening on your feed. Weather watches/warnings, feed status and other info of this nature is not allowed. Max 255 characters, text only. This field will expire 2 hours after being updated. The RR Staff reserves the right to edit, update or remove info from this field to comply with this policy.

Example feed alerts:

  • Manhunt underway in the xxx area for a shooting suspect.
  • Police investigating suspicious package at xxx, many units on scene.
  • Plane crash near xxx and yyy.
  • 2,100 acre wildfire near xxx, many homes burned, fire not controlled at this time.
  • 5-alarm structure fire at 123 Xyz Street.
  • President Obama in town from x:xx am until x:xx pm

Applying for an Official Feed

Feeds can only be designated as official if the agency broadcasting the feed sends a letter to on official letterhead requesting that the feed be identified as officially broadcast by the organization.

The letter needs to contain the name and location of the feed broadcast, as well as a statement indicating that the organization wishes to have the feed marked as provided by an official agency.

The letter should be sent to: LLC
ATTN: Lindsay Blanton
1150 N Loop 1604 W Suite 108-556
San Antonio, TX 78248

Premium Feeds

Sign up and upgrade your feed to premium status for $14.95 per month per feed.

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