Bucks County Units By Station

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Bucks County Fire Departments

Stations with multiple or unclear locations have been marked. Multiple stations may serve areas with denser population, such as Bensalem / Trevose and the south end of Bucks County.

Station Company Units
0 Yardley-Makefield Fire Co. (Main St. Station, Yardley Borough) Ladder, Engine, Special Service, Utility, Marine
1 Feasterville Fire Co. (Lower Southampton Township) Engine 1, Engine 1-2, Ladder 1, Utility 1
2 Southampton Fire Co. (Upper Southampton Township) Engine, Rescue, Ladder, Utility
3 Northampton Fire Co. (Richboro) Quint, Rescue, Tanker
4 Trevose Fire Co. (Street Rd. Station) Engine 4, Engine 84, Rescue, Canteen, Utility
5 Midway Fire Co. (Main Station - Lahaska) Rescue, Brush, Ladder, Tanker, Engine
6 Lower Southampton Fire Co. (Lower Southampton Township) Engine 6, Quint 6, Rescue 6, Special Service 6, Marine 6
7 William Penn Fire Co. (Hulmeville Boro Station) Engine, Tac, Utility
8 Penndel Fire Co. (Penndel Borough) Engine, Rescue, Tower, Foam, Special Service
9 Parkland Fire Co. (Middletown Township) Engine, Rescue, Tac
10 Edgely Fire Co. (Levittown area) Engine, Ladder, Special Service
11 Croydon Fire Co. (Bristol Township) Engine, Rescue, Ladder, Marine
12 Newportville Fire Co. (Levittown area) Engine 12, Marine 12
13 Levittown Fire Co. #2 Squirt, Rescue, Engine
14 Third District Fire Co. (Bristol) Engine, Tower, Utility
15 Midway Fire Co. (Substation - Creamery Rd.) Engine 15,Engine 15-1,Utility 15,Utility 15-1
16 Cornwells Fire Co. (Bensalem Township) Tower, Engine, Rescue
17 Quakertown Fire Co. Engine, Chemical, Field
18 West End Fire Co. #2 (Quakertown) Squirt, Ladder, Rescue
19 Doylestown Fire Co. (Shewell Ave. Station) Engine, Engine 19-1, Traffic, Utility, Rescue
20 Plumsteadville Fire Co. (Substation - Ferry Rd. & Easton Rd.) Engine
21 Langhorne-Middletown Fire Co. (Langhorne Borough) Engine, Tower, Field, HazMat
22 Langhorne-Middletown Fire Co. (Middletown Township) Engine, Utility
23 Dublin Fire Co. Tanker, Engine, Ladder, Rescue
24 Plumsteadville Fire Co. (Main Station - Stump Rd. & Easton Rd.) Engine, Rescue, Tanker
25 America Hose Hook & Ladder (Bristol Borough) Air, Marine, Utility, Rescue, Ladder
26 Perkasie Fire Co. Engine, Rescue
27 Sellersville Fire Co. Engine, Tower, Utility
28 Eddington Fire Co. (Bensalem) Engine, Engine 28-1
29 Warrington Fire Co. (Main Station - Easton Rd. & Freedoms Wy.) Engine, Ladder
30 Falls Township Fire Co. #1 (Fallsington) Engine, Rescue, Ladder, Tac
31 Fairless Hills Fire Co. Engine, Rescue, Ladder
32 Levittown Fire Co. #1 (Falls-Tullytown Rd.) Engine 32, Engine 32-1, Rescue, Marine
33 Tullytown Fire Co. Marine, Ladder, Engine
34 Chalfont Fire Co. (Borough Station) Rescue, Tanker
35 Lingohocken Fire Co. (Wycombe- Buckingham/Wrightstown Townships) Engine, Rescue, Field, Tanker
36 Richlandtown Fire Co.
37 Union Fire Co. (Cornwells, Bensalem Township) Engine, Ladder, Marine
40 Springtown Fire Co.
41 Point Pleasant Fire Co. Dive, Engine, Tanker, Marine
42 Community Fire Co. #1 (Reigelsville - North Station)
43 Community Fire Co. #1 (Reigelsville)
44 Newport Fire Co. (Bensalem - Bensalem Rd. Station) Engine, Field, Special Service
45 Newtown Fire Assn. (Liberty St. Station, Newtown Borough) Ladder, Rescue, Utility, Hazmat
46 New Hope-Eagle Fire Co. (Main Station)
47 Upper Black Eddy Fire Co. Tanker, Engine, Field, Marine
48 Delaware Valley Fire Co. (Erwinna) Engine, Tanker, Field, Marine
49 Ottsville Fire Co. (Durham Rd. Station) Ladder, Rescue, Tanker, Field
50 Bristol Consolidated Fire Co. (Pond St.) Engine
51 Bristol Fire Co. #1 (Wood St.) Quint, Rescue
52 Goodwill Hose Co. #3 (Bristol) Engine 52, Engine 52-1
53 America Hose Hook & Ladder #2 (Bristol Borough) [SEE STA 25]
54 Chalfont Fire Co. (Not in use)
55 Newtown Fire Assn. (Municipal Dr. Station, Newtown Township) Engine
56 Richland Twp. Fire & Rescue (Shelly Rd., Quakertown)
57 Milford Township Fire Co. (Milford Square Pk. Station)
58 Trumbauersville Fire Co. Rescue, Tanker
59 Silverdale Fire Co.
60 Hilltown Twp. Fire Co. (Line Lexington Station) Engine, Rescue, Utility
61 Hilltown Twp. Fire Co. (Rte. 152 Station) Engine, Tanker
62 Ivyland Fire Co. (Engine/QRS, Ivyland Borough) Engine, TAC
63 Haycock Fire Co. (Bethlehem Rd, Quakertown.) Engine, Marine
64 New Hope-Eagle Fire Co. (Satellite Station, Solebury Township)
65 Nottingham Fire Co. (Bensalem)
66 Warwick Fire Co. (Jamison)
71 Upper Makefieled Fire Co. (Main Station - Taylorsville Rd.)
72 Tylersport Fire Co. (Montgomery Co. mutual aid)
73 Northampton Fire Co. (Holland)
74 Chalfont Fire Co. Engine, Ladder
75 Milford Township Fire Co. (Kumry Rd. & Route 663 Station)
76 Perkasie Fire Co.
77 William Penn Fire Co. (Levittown Station)
78 Warrington Fire Co. (Substation - Pickertown Rd. & Mill Creek Rd.) Engine, Rescue
79 Doylestown Fire Co. (Warden Rd. Station)
80 Yardley-Makefield Fire Co. (Stony Hill Rd. Station, Lower Makefield Township)
81 Upper Makefield Fire Co. (Substation - Eagle Rd.)
82 Newportville Fire Co.
83 Northampton Fire Co. (Churchville)
84 Trevose Fire Co. (Bristol Rd., Oakford)
86 North Penn Goodwill Canteen (Montgomery County)
87 Quakertown Fire Dept. Headquarters Office (Rear Park Ave.)
88 Newport Fire Co. (Bensalem - Pasqualone Rd. Station)
89 Bucks County H.I.R.T. (County HazMat Team)
90 Warminster Fire Co. (Central - Madison Ave. Station)
91 Warminster Fire Co. (East - Centennial Rd. Station)
92 Warminster Fire Co. (West - Norristown Rd. Station)
93 Hartsville Fire Co. (York Rd., Warminster)
94 Ottsville Fire Co.
95 Lingohocken Fire Co. (Forest Grove Station, Wrightstown Township)
96 Delaware Valley Fire Co. (Erwinna)
97 Bucks County Technical Rescue Task Force (Trailers & Response Vehicles)
98 Morrisville Fire Co. Engine, Rescue, Marine
99 Rohm & Hass Fire Dept. 9 (Industrial Brigade; Fire,Hazmat,QRS Bristol)
22 Philadelphia Fire Department (Philadelphia County Mutual Aid, Engine Company)
55 Newtown Township Emergency Services (Daytime QRS/Engine Crew/Special Service)
222 Bensalem Township DPS Fire & Rescue (Paid Daytime Crew/Fire Marshal's Office)
225 Bristol Township Fire Marshal's Office {Paid Daytime; Qrs/Engine Crew)
902 U S Steel Emergency Services (Industrial Fire/QRS, Fairless Hills)
903 GTS Inc Emergency Response (Morrisville)
907 Northern Bucks Wildland Fire Crew (PA DCNR District 17)
921 Bucks County Fire Academy (Croydon)
922 Bucks County Fire Academy (Doylestown)