Bullitt County (KY)

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Bullitt County has switched to a P25 800mhz system in coordination with Louisville MetroSafe. (8/2020)

Law Enforcement Radio IDs

Radio ID User
1xx Hillview
3xx Mount Washington
4xx Shepherdsville
5xx Pioneer Village
6xx Lebanon Junction
7xx Sheriff's Court Security Officers
8xx Detention Center Deputies
9xx Sheriff's Deputies

Law Enforcement UIDs

UID User
12000800-12000840 Hillview
12000600-12000640 Mount Washington
12000900-12000999 Shepherdsville
12000676-12000684 Pioneer Village
12000750-12000756 Lebanon Junction
12000543-12000565 Sheriff's Court Security Officers
12000700-12000730 Detention Center Deputies
12000401-12000442 (in car radio), 12000501-12000542 (handheld) Sheriff's Deputies

Misc. UIDs and Radio IDs

UID Radio ID User
12000575 521 Kentucky State Police
12000576 627 Kentucky State Police
12000342 782 Kentucky State Police
12000347 922 Kentucky State Police
12000712 7304 KY Dept of Fish & Wildlife
12000051 EM-1 Bullitt County Emergency Management Agency
12000052 EM-2 Bullitt County Emergency Management Agency
12000053 EM-3 Bullitt County Emergency Management Agency
12000703 Coroner 3 Coroner's Office
12000711 Car 21 Bullitt County Constable
12000346 BC Chaplain Bullitt County Chaplain
12001218 Zoneton Fire Station 1
12001219 Zoneton Fire Station 2

Fire Department Radio IDs

Radio ID User
31xx Mount Washington Fire
49xx Nichols Fire
51xx Lebanon Junction Fire
61xx Southeast Bullitt Fire
81xx Zoneton Fire
Car, Truck or Engine # only Shepherdsville Fire

Fire Department UIDs

UID User
12001601-12001699 Shepherdsville Fire
12001301-12001399 Nichols Fire
12001701-12001799 Lebanon Junction Fire
12001101-12001299 Zoneton Fire
12001401-12001499 Mount Washington Fire
12001000-12001099 Southeast Bullitt Fire

Fire Department Two Tones (155.745)

Department Tone A Tone B
Mount Washington Medical Run 470.0hz 339.6hz
Mount Washington Fire Run 469.0hz 320.7hz
Zoneton Medical Run 618.1hz 903.9hz
Zoneton Fire Run 855.5hz 554.0hz
Nichols Fire/Medical 524.4hz 321.3hz
Shepherdsville Fire Department 553.2hz 584.4hz
Shepherdsville Station #1 810.0hz 688.0hz
Shepherdsville Station #2 1285.0hz 1433.7hz
Southeast Bullitt Fire/Medical 340.1hz 524.6hz
Lebanon Junction Fire/Medical 726.3hz 617.3hz

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