Bullitt County (KY)

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Bullitt County is currently in the design and build-out stage of switchIng to a P25 800mhz system in coordination with Louisville MetroSafe. (6/2018)

Law Enforcement Radio IDs

Unit ID User
1xx Hillview
3xx Mount Washington
4xx Shepherdsville
5xx Pioneer Village
6xx Lebanon Junction
7xx Sheriff's Court Security Officers
8xx Detention Center Deputies
9xx Sheriff's Deputies

Fire Department Tone Out

Agency Tone A Tone B
Shepherdsville 553.9 584.8
Zoneton 855.5 553.9
Lebanon Junction 422.1 321.6
Southeast Bullitt 339.6 524.6
Nichols 524.6 321.6
Mt Washington 470.5 321.6

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