Businesses, Attractions and Recreation Stephenson County (IL)

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  • Acciuna Energy 461.3750 Repeater (Lena) (MOTOTRBO, was 11K) WQKZ982
  • Chapel Hill Memorial Park 464.575 Base/Mobile (11K at Freeport) WNBH443


  • Collman Farms 451.975 Repeater at German Valley KNCF814
  • Collman Farms 461.225 Repeater (NFM at German Valley) WQPL715
  • Collman Farms 452.150 Repeater (Riddott) WQAP406 Expired?
  • Dvonsoy Farms 451.875 Repeater at Rock City WQKD418
  • Foley Farms 464.475 Repeater at Lena WNCU604
  • LaBudde Farms 452.025 Repeater (11K at Freeport) KNAK691
  • Moll Farms 464.4 Base/Mobile
  • Nesemyer Farms 159.615 Base/Mobile at Freeport WPKJ567
  • Pals Farms 151.535 Repeater with 158.2275 input (7/11K at German Valley) WQPE719

Attractions and Recreation

  • Lake Summerset 151.895 Base/Mobile (Davis) KNJA874