Businesses, Attractions and Recreation White County (IL)

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  • Ackerman Farms 152.52 Base/Mobile (Erma) KNHP387
  • AS&K Farms 151.490 Base/Mobile (NFM at Enfield) KNFG724
  • Beck Farms 159.975 Mobiles (NFM at Carmi) WQNH330
  • Campbell Farms 461.45 Repeater (NFM at Phillipstown) WQFQ762
  • Cura Farms 151.925 Base/Mobile (NFM at Mill Shoals) KNAO989
  • Duckworth Farms 153.025 Base/Mobile (Mill Shoals) WNCP457
  • Rynkiewich Farms 158.205 Repeater with 152.885 input (Norris City) WNSU465
  • Whisitt Farms 151.565 Mobiles (11K Carmi) WPUC509
151.91000  159.61500   WQIK201  RM Becker Farms  Becker, Steve (Springerton)
158.46000              KNIL641  BM Glover Farms  Glover Farms (Springerton)
152.91500              WQIC795  BM Hubele Farm   Hubele, Roger (Enfield)
159.60000              WQCG953  BM Midland Ag    Midland Agricultural Center: Spraying/Dusting (Carmi)  
173.23750              WQIY543  F  Sailer Farms  Sailer Brothers Farms: Data (6 Locations in Carmi)


  • Equinox Oil Company 452.9 Repeater (Crossville) WPGP881
153.23000  WYE204  BM  Jim Haley Production Company (Carmi) [Exp 4/04]    
151.77500  WNNO631  BM  Phipps, Don (Carmi) [Exp 5/04]    
151.83500  WPES676  BM  Thomas Jr, Kenneth (Enfield) [Exp 7/04]    
158.38500  KNJB694  BM  Vaught, Harry (Mill Shoals) [Exp 7/04]    

Utilities / Service Companies

48.14000  KTY981  BM  AmerenCIPS (Norris City)   
158.28000  KGO228  BM  George M Mitchell Drilling Co Inc (Carmi)   
150.96500  WPMT670  BM  Phillips Services Corporation: Oil Field (Carmi) [Expired]  
157.53000  WPMT670  M  Phillips Services Corporation: Oil Field (Carmi) [Expired]
157.57500  WPMT670  M  Phillips Services Corporation: Oil Field (Carmi) [Expired] 
157.60500  WPMT670  M  Phillips Services Corporation: Oil Field (Carmi) [Expired]
153.20000  KGS547  BM  Rebstock Oil Company (Carmi) 

Manufacturing / Industrial

White County Coal (Carmi)

  • KNGC240 157.56 Base/Mobile; 7/12 add 159.95 FBT (11K Digital)