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Columbia Mall

  • Owned by General Growth Properties


467.4375  WQLV993 M  Landmark Bank: Ops (Columbia) 11K

AB Chance Construction- Earth Anchoring/Hubbell Power Services (Centralia)

462.3500  WZV489   AB Chance 1 Repeater (Centralia) 
151.8650  WPEU427  AB Chance 2 Base/Mobile (Centralia) 
464.9250  WNBE616  AB Chance 3 Repeater (Centralia) 


University of Missouri (Columbia)

455.9250 KA74842  Mobiles (Columbia)
161.7000 KC24155  Mobiles (Rolla PHELPHS) (14740 FM)
161.7600 KC24155  Mobiles (Rolla PHELPHS) (14740 FM)
455.0100 KPF342   Mobiles (at Fordland for Springfield, GREENE MO)
450.0100 KPF358   Base (at Rolla, MO PHELPS)
450.0100 KPH477   Base (at Columbia, MO BOONE)
153.0500 KPL701   Base/Mobiles (Columbia)
153.1700 KPL701   Base/Mobiles (Columbia)
949.5000 WKT86    Microwave Link (Rolla PHELPS) (69041 FM)
947.5000 WCQ461   Microwave Link (Columia BOONE)
945.5000 WLF946   Microwave Link (Rolla PHELPS) (14740 FM)


160.5300/161.3550 WPMJ584  Columbia Terminal Railroad Repeater (operated by city)


151.5800 - WNFK297    - Flatt Farms Base/Mobile (Centralia)
461.9250 - 0005426988 - Lutheran Senior Services - Lenior Woods (Columbia) - Repeater NFM 9/12


Finger Lakes State Park

Frequency  License  Type  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
151.31000  KAD775   BM  FingerLakeSP DNR: Finger Lakes Base  FMN  Law Tac 
  • Located just north of Columbia on Highway 63.
  • Website

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