Businesses Henry County (IL)

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461.4250  WPKV314  RM  GlsbrgComm1   Galesburg Communications Inc (FB6)  
462.0250  WPKV314  RM  GlsbrgComm2   Galesburg Communications Inc (FB6)  
451.4500  WNLA391  RM  GeneseoPhone  Geneseo Telephone Company   
152.9150  KYX847   BM  Goldstar FS   Goldstar FS (3 Loations)  
151.8650  WNRO784  BM  Henry SrCitz  Henry County Senior Citizens, Inc. (Van Service)  
456.8125  WQHH926  M   JFEdw Const1  JF Edwards Construction Company  
451.8125  WQHH926  BM  JFEdw Const2  JF Edwards Construction Company  
464.5000  WQHH926  BM  JFEdw Const3  JF Edwards Construction Company   
464.5500  WQHH926  BM  JFEdw Const4  JF Edwards Construction Company 
464.2000  WQKF983  RM  Hadley Farms Inc (Cambridge) 
452.6750  WQKH618  RM  Big River Resources - Ethenol Ops (11K/MotoTrbo)
463.6000  WQKH618  RM  Big River Resources - Ethenol Ops (11K/MotoTrbo)


  • Atkinson Grain and Fertilizer 451.9 Repeater (Atkinson) WNKS233
  • Debaillie Farms 463.625 Repeater (11K at Orion) WQPP305
  • Endress Bros Farms 464.3 Repeater (Kewanee for Grain Crops) WNQC960

River Valley Cooperative Field Spraying

  • WQOV378: Mobiles on 151.67, 151.79, 159.76, 160.11, 160.2 (11K 64kmra Geneseo)


Virden Broadcasting Corp

  • WPOR996 for WKEI Nicom TSL-910, 946.875 modified to 945.5
945.5000  WPQR996  F   WKEI Link-NICOM (was 945.5 Marti) at WYEC Tower
947.125   WPQR996  F   WKEI Link (Deleted 6/10)
946.875   WQMA479  F   Main
947.125   WQMA479  F   WKET Tower

Attractions and Recreation

Fyre Lake National Golf Club

  • WQLF684 - Mobiles on 152.285, 152.315, 153.005, 154.49 (11K for Golf Course Ops)