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Remington Arms Company Inc.

  • 2-way portables used in conjunction with 30 watt repeater for internal communications by:
    • Security
    • Maintainence Personel (Electricians, Craftsman, Pipe Fitters, Machineists)
    • Line Supervision & Shift Foreman/Supervisors/Managers
    • Remington EMS Response
    • Remington Fire Brigade

NOTE: 2-way radios are mostly used by 2nd and 3rd shift personel, with the exception of Security who uses them 24/7.

  • 45 Watt Zetron 64 Paging system used for internal paging used by:
    • Day Shift Supervision/Foreman
    • Machine Setters
    • Line Leaders
    • Day Shift Maintainence
    • Administration

Radios are programmed with the following:

  • Channel 1: Repeater
  • Channel 2: Repeater Talk Around
  • Channel 3: Utility (Used by EMS and Fire Brigade)
  • Channel 4: Pager Recieve Only
  • Channel 5: Pager Channel
  • Channel 6: Security-Police Inter-Op
    • Only Programmed in Security radios.

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