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CCIR (selcall)

There are many types and formats of CCIR Selcall. For example CCIR 493-4 is a standard format for HF Selcall for Land Mobile applications.[1] CCIR (Consultative Committee on International Radio) functions have largely been taken over by ITU-R. One common type of CCIR selcall used in VHF and UHF FM two-way radio communications, is a 5-tone selective calling system mainly found in some European countries and used by the Swedish Police and the Turkish Police.

The tone duration of a 5 tone CCIR selcall is 100 milliseconds (± 10 ms) and the tones are transmitted sequentially.

Value Frequency
1 1124 Hz
2 1197 Hz
3 1275 Hz
4 1358 Hz
5 1446 Hz
6 1540 Hz
7 1640 Hz
8 1747 Hz
9 1860 Hz
0 1981 Hz
Group (A) 2400 Hz
Repeat (E) 2110 Hz

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