Caledonia (WI) Fire Department

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Caledonia Fire Department

The Caledonia Fire Department covers the Village of Caledonia in Caledonia WI. They also help out w/ mutual aids for South Shore Fire Department. The Caledonia FD has 3 fire stations located in the village.

Fire Station Tones

The FD has 1 dispatch frequency shared with Racine and South Shore FD. They also share a unit-unit channel with South Shore. Each station has a individual tone. Stations 11 and 12 have a universal tone ( 1 tone that goes off at both stations) However since station 10 is a joint with South Shore, if there is a call for all stations in Caledonia, South Shore's universal tone will also go off.

Tone out ID'S coming soon

Station/Apparatus List

Station 10(Joint with SSFD) - Franksville, Central, Southwest

  • Quint 10 Pierce/Dash - 2000GPM/300Tank/100' Aerial Platform
  • Med 20 (Cross staffs q10) 2009 Ford/Lifeline

Station 11/Headquarters -Central, North, Northwest

  • 6900 Nicholson Rd
  • Battalion 11 2011 Ford / Expedition
  • Med 11 2007 International/Life Line
  • Engine 11(Cross staffed) 2001 Emergency One/Cyclone
  • Tender 11 1994 International/Braatz
  • Unstaffed Utility 11 2005 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

Station 12- East

  • 5 mile/Dogulas
  • Med 12 2010 Ford/Lifeline
  • Engine 12 (Cross staffed) 2002 Emergency One/Cyclone
  • Tender 12 (Responds w/ m12 to non-hydrant fires) 1994 International-Braatz
  • Spare Med 32 2001 International/Marion
  • Spare Quint 12

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